Yukine Masanori is the father of Yukine Chris and the user Kabuto Zecter. Even through he is officially confirmed as dead by the Government. Masanori is secretly protecting Chris as Kabuto, Causing his daughter alot of confusion in the process.

History Edit

Masanori and Sonnet, a violinist and a vocalist respectively, were famous musicians. They wanted to bring peace to the wars and conflicts of the world using music. Thus, eight years prior to season 1, as part of a non-government volunteer organization, Masanori and Sonnet, along with the young Chris, visited a republic that recently suffered from a coup and had suspended all diplomatic relations with other countries: the Val Verde Commonwealth.

The Yukine family entered the country through Guatemala and put on public music performances in different places while traveling, with the ultimate goal of lending aid to refugees. At first, the family traveled along with delegates from the United Nations, including Sonia Virena, who shared the dream of Chris' parents and acted as an older sister to the young Chris. However, the Yukine family eventually got trapped by the expanding front-lines of the ongoing war and became isolated from their organization. The Yukine family were later declared missing.

Shortly after that, outside sources confirmed that Masanori and Sonnet had died in a terrorist bombing, with terrorists managing to sneak the bomb into their camp due to Sonia's carelessness. Meanwhile, Chris was separated from Sonia, captured by the terrorists, and sold into slavery. Chris would remain enslaved for the next six years until she was saved by the intervention of the United Nations in Val Verde, only to fall into the hands of her next abuser, Finé, upon her return to Japan.

Unknowingly to everyone, they has been rescued at last moment by a pair of near-death Worms replacing them and sacrificing themselves in the process. Due to the Worm latent ability at imitating other. Everyone is fooled and the pair has been transported into a lab made by Native Worm. In order to save them, the Worm has no choice but to turn them into Hybrid as a form of gratitude for saving them. The pair volunteered to be the test user for Kabuto and Gatack Zecter. Both of them are the proof of King and Queen within the Worms community. They surpisingly suceed and become the King and Queen of the Worm. With the Zecter granting them the power to turn into Kabuto and Gatack.

Using their newfound power, the pair spent their time defending the Worms community from the Undead, Fangire Alliance and finding information about Chris. After finding their daughter, the pair become her secret protector. It was not until the event of the second Season where Chris finally known about her parent survival.

Power And Abilities Edit


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