Vijaya (ヴィジャヤ?) is the eighth Relic to be discovered. It was originally owned by Ayaka's mother but was awakened by Ayaka, who is its current user.


Transformation Chant

There is currently only one chant, with that being:

Laurifer Vijaya tron

Whenever Ayaka says it though, she tends to keep incorrectly pronouncing the chant, making her gear pretty weak. However, when she finally masters her pronunciation, she is as strong as the other users, if not stronger.


Vijaya was a divine bow owned by Karna, who handled the bow with such skill, that it terrified everyone. A sources states that before Karna owned the bow, the bow was given to Lord Indra, who almost always wielded the weapon to fight against the Asuras. [1]


  • At first, Ayaka had no idea how to use the bow as she never touched one in her life until she transformed. That meant, when she used it for the first time in battle, she was surprised to learn that she could be a bad wielder, but her arrows could cause an explosion to save her from the Noise. However, she had to learn how to wield it properly due to safety reasons.
  • Much like the Hindu Mythology, Vijaya is a destructive bow in the anime and is feared by many of the Symphogear allies.
  • Coincidentally, Vijaya contains three letters of Ayaka's name: Vijaya and Ayaka. Hibiki and Kirika believe that may be one of the reasons Vijaya responded to Ayaka in the first episode.
  • Mayumi, Ayaka's mother, was the original owner of the relic but it is unknown if she had used it before she gave it to Ayaka before she disappeared. Another coincidence is that Mayumi's name means "True Bow" and the weapon for Vijaya is a bow and arrow.