Ayaka: yawns Just another day in a new place. Hmm...might as well explore this town~!

Hibiki: Ugh! Come!!! presses the button on the crane game ten thousands time
Miku: Calm down, Hibiki! It's just a game. You don't need to get the toy anymore!
Hibiki: No! I'll get it for you! I promised!
Chris: Let me show you how it's done!
Tsubasa: sighs This is going to last a whil-

Maria: Tsubasa! Hibiki! Chris! It's Genjuro! There's Noise swarming at the pier! Kirika and Shirabe are heading there right now!
Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris: OK!

Ayaka: Ahhh! Somebody help! gets covered by the Noise
Shirabe and Kirika: Ahhhhhhh!
Kirika: Take this! Kill Juliet!
Shirabe: Asgard!

Chris: Hehe~ Watch out, everyone! I'm bringing out the big guns!

Julius: kneels
Asura: chuckles

Ayaka: I...eyes snap open My necklace! Laurifer Vijaya tron
Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika: A new Symphogear user!?

Ehe, what did you think of this teaser? Sounds like a huuuuge mess, doesn't it? Well, I guess you could say it is. But trust me, this will all make so much more sense when you see how the first episode unfolds. See ya next time for another teaser~

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