So with the recent comment thread on certain post, I have come to realize something I hadn't asked before.  What is that you may ask?  Well should are standard be for this wikia.  It's been a while now since this wikia started up and yet we still haven't forged a standard for.  Something I find quite perplexing as I feel a standard would be one the first few things we would establish on a wikia like this.

Now before anyone freaks out, this is not meant to call out anyone on anything.  That is not the point of this blog at all.  I am also not going to be the one to straight make the standard right now and say "haha, either my way or the highway."

What I want is for this wikia to be somewhere we can discuss on what are standard should be together so we all have something we can agree on.  I encourage everyone on this wikia to share their thoughts on this topic and discuss it with others so we can create are standard.  If you have something to say, say it.  Anything we agree too will posted on this blog by me for the mean time before I create a page for it later.

So feel to discuss for now.

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