トゥルースシーカー Torūsu Shīkā
Relic Information
First AppearanceEpisode 3.5
UserNozomi Kawakaze
Goten Kawakaze
Armed GearBlack orbs
The Truth-Seeker (トゥルースシーカー Torūsu Shīkā?) is relic formerly owned by Nozomi Kawakaze and later by her son, Goten Kawakaze. Its Armed Gear is black orbs that floats behind the user's back. Its model number is SG-t000.


Holy Chant

Enigma Truth-Seeker tron

Shape Variants

Truth-Seeker Default

The default form of the Truth-Seeker

Although its Armed Gear are usually orbs, their form can be freely changed into what the user desires:

  • Rods — The most common shape that Goten uses for his battle.
  • Swords — The most common shape after the rod variant that Goten uses for his battle. A double-helix shaped sword is also used for his HEAVENLY◆BLADE attack.
  • Dagger — This shape was used by Nozomi for her MAIDEN◆REBELLION attack.
  • Spear — This shape is used for Goten's HIGHWAY◆SPEAR attack.
  • Sledgehammer — This shape is used for attack with huge force, mostly for breaking strong defenses.
  • Shields — This shape is used for defense purposes.
  • Platforms — This shape is used for support purposes.
  • Lance — This shape is used for Goten's Superb Song.
  • Durandal — During the battle with Finé, Goten attempted to create a replica of the relic from his orbs. However, his attempt at forming the Durandal fails, and is forced out of his transformation.

Battle Songs


  • The Truth-Seeker and its functions are based from the Truth-Seeking Balls from the Naruto series.
  • It is the only relic that its model number has three digits.