Tamashi Hikari
Tamashi Hikari (New)
"I am no Princess!"
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear U
Age 15
Birthday January 30th
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood Type O
Nationality American/German/Japanese
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Relic Was
Theme Color White
Personal Status
Relatives Tamashi Hoshiko (Mother)

Tamashi Hideo (Father)

Occupation Student


VA (English) N/A
VA (Japanese) Aikawa Natsuki
Tamashi Hikari is an OC created by Hikari herself.

Hikari is a little rebellious and sturdy though she isn't supposed to be. She is a wealthy girl that hates being teach to be well-mannered that her parents want her to be. She hates when people call her a princess because of being in a rich family, it annoys her. She loves to sing, but never gets the chance to because of her family's rules. She is mostly scared to do things, including fights. She also feels left out sometimes, coming from her manner or wanting to isolate herself.

She appears as a main character in Senki Zesshou Symphogear U and Senki Zesshou Symphogear S.


  • Full Name: Tamashi Hikari
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5'6
  • Three Sizes: B94/W55/H89
  • Blood Type: O
  • Nationality: American/German/Japanese


Tamashi (タマシ) translates to "soul" or "spirit"

Hikari (光) translates to many different meanings, with the main one being "light." Many others include "gleam" or "shine."


History In Senki Zesshou Symphogear U


Her childhood was consist of learning of being a well-mannered women, and people telling her that her life won't be as hard as others. She lived in the beautiful cities overseas in America until she was sent to Japan because of her family. Though living with a very wealthy family, she rather go see things in the hard way

Meeting the Users

Becoming a User


She is very sturdy and rebellious, and mostly a determined girl. She was stuck all her life trying to be a well-mannered and gentle women, since of being in a really wealthy family. She has a habit of being her opposite persona since of being teach it all her life, though she hates it. She also has good posture, and is very smart as well. She gets annoyed at time when people make jokes about her being a princess, since living in a wealthy home. She isolates herself at time cause of feeling lonely and depressed because of her nature.


In civilian, she wears a cute pink shirt and skinny jeans. Her top is a pink shirt that goes down to her hips. The collar is a triangle cut piece that goes down to the center of her chest. There is a ruffle piece that covers her chest, ending before the stomach and before the short sleeves. The sleeves are flowy short sleeves, that stop before her elbows. She then wears light blue skinny jeans that goes down to her ankles. To finish her outfit, she wears white high heals. Her hair is brown, in low pigtails with pink balls holding them, with the hair going down to her shoulders. A string of hair near her bangs is sticking out.

In transformed, she wears a type of tiara that is on her forehead. There is a circle-shaped jewel that lays on the middle of her forehead with it connecting to the rest of the crown. It connects with square-shaped ear covers that make butterfly wings on the sides of her ears. Her relic rests in the middle of her chest which connects with the rest of her top, with a sailor like cover. She has a jacket like cloth that goes down, making a skirt in the back of her. Under it is a two piece, with the bottom that creates the rest of the shirt. She has armored knee-high boots, and armored gloves as well. In the back of her is a jetpack like piece to give her an advantage to fly. At her ankles of her boots are butterfly like wings, giving the outfit detail. There is also a garder on the left thigh of her. Her hair is down, giving a flowing effect when fighting.



  • Tamashi Hoshiko - She is Hikari's mother. She is very formal and loves to wear real big dresses everywear she goes. To Hikari, she is very selfish, greedy, and self-centered. She thinks to much about herself and how to impress the other rich families.
  • Tamashi Hideo - He is Hikari's father. He is formal but loves to wear normal clothes if he wants. He is most loved by Hikari by part of his nature, but can get hidden when having a mannerful wife.


  • Kobayashi Haruna - They don't talk much to each other but love to joke around to each other, even if they go to far. Hikari teases the fact of Haruna and Kiseki are lovers, calling them "Love Birds". Haruna is from the series Symphogear M and MV.
  • Esmeralda Katsaros - Though Hikari thinks that Esmerelda is weird at times, she still counts her as a friend. They help each other since Esmeralda is not that good in combat.
  • Ahashita Lucia - They are really good friends since of being childhood friends when ever Hikari got to be outside. They both love to tease and play with each other with both protecting each other.
  • Kirano Akari - Hikari has a bit of a crush on Akari though Akari doesn't. Other than having a crush on her, Hikari and Akari just act like good friends. Akari is from the series Symphogear Double A.

Attacks and Abilities

Activation Song

Jami Lati Was tron


Since she is the user of the Was Relic/Symphogear, she has anti-noise armor to attack Noise and save the land. However, she requires LiNKER to fight. Her armored gear is a big white staff/septer.


  • MASSIVECYCLONE - She spins her staff in a circle that can shoot either red beams, or can deflect beams and use them to counter attack the enemy, giving her an advantage.
  • ORDERPROTECT - It is her main defensive attack that she uses. This defense and change into the MASSIVE◯CYCLONE if there is an advantage of possibility.
  • SLAYERORCHESTRA - She hits the ground with her staff that can cause an eruption or vibration in the ground using it to attack the enemy. If the enemy can attack using the ground, she can use hers to counter attack that attack from the enemy.
  • FORCEREFLECT - It is a basic defense that she does to protect herself from the enemy. This also can become on attack when she is one to one combating. This also gives her an advantage if she changes that attack to SLAYER◯ORCHESTRA.
  • TOTALFORCE - An attack where it can force enemies to fly away from her if needed to attack someone different or needed to focus on one enemy. When she hits the ground with one end of the staff, amazing force of wind cause the enemies to fly in different places, if multiple, opposite of her.
  • NOBILITYWAR - An attack where her staff and turn into many, causing multiple staffs to appear and attack the enemy.
  • AMIRAWARFARE - This attack can either be a normal attack, or defensive attack. As normal, she changes her staff into a type of spear. Since of being powerful, it causes anything in her way to turn into dust at an instant. As Defensive, the staff turns into a shield, looking like an Medieval Shield. This gives her a disadvantage since it is just a shield, and has nothing to attack with.
  • Superb Song - She is able to sing a Zesshou that causes a big circle that comes from her shoot out destroying the noise out at her. The circle goes out for about 50 miles destroying noise where is goes. This comes at a price of taking her life.






"I'm not a Princess" - Her Catchphrase
"What the..." - Her becoming a Symphogear user
"Follow Me...I want you protected at all times!" - Her trying to protect a child from a Noise


  • Her birthday is January 30th (Aquarius)
  • Her Battle Song Music Genre is a mix of Egyptian Instrumentals and Heavy Metal.
  • She is dislikes many foods, with many being vegetables.
  • She is know everywhere being called a "Princess", though she hates being called that
  • Like vegetables, she also hates seafood.
  • When first appeared she hides that she's wealthy, until it's later revealed that she is after she becomes a Symphogear.
  • She loves chocolate.
  • She loves singing but never got the chance because of her family worried about their reputation.
  • She is very unsocial around people most of the time.
  • Her favorite holiday is her Birthday, with her least being Valentine's Day.
  • She has visions sometimes of people being monsters.