Tamashi Hikari
Hikari Tamashi(Kisekae)
"I'm not a Princess!"
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Tamashi Hoshiko (Mother)

Tamashi Hideo (Father)

Occupation Student


VA (English) N/A
VA (Japanese) Aikawa Natsuki
Tamashi Hikari is an OC created by Hikari herself. Hikari is rebellious and rugged though she isn't allowed to be. She is a wealthy girl that hates being well-mannered that her parents expect her to be. She is also very unsociable and hates be center of attention.

Profile Edit

  • Full Name: Tamashi Hikari
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 6"2"
  • Three Sizes: B94/W55/H89
  • Blood Type: O
  • Nationality: American/German/Japanese

Etymology Edit

Tamashi (タマシ) translates to "soul" or "spirit"

Hikari (光) translates to many different meanings, with the main one being "light." Many others include "gleam" or "shine."

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Her childhood was consist of learning of being a well-mannered women, and people telling her that her life won't be as hard as others. She lived in the beautiful cities overseas in America until she was sent to Japan because of her family. Though living with a very wealthy family, she rather go see things in the hard way

Meeting the Users Edit

Instead of going to a rich border school for well-mannered students, she persuaded her parents to go to Lydian Music Academy, since of wanting a career in singing. During lunch, she suddenly bumps into Hibiki, taking both to the ground. In a well-mannered fashion, she helps Hibiki clean up, becoming really good friends. She later meets the others when she was with Hibiki.

Becoming a User Edit

Personality Edit

She is very rugged and rebellious, and mostly a determined girl. She was stuck all her life trying to be a well-mannered and gentle women, since of being in a really wealthy family. She has a habit of being her opposite persona since of being teach it all her life, though she hates it. She also has good posture, and is very smart as well.

Appearance Edit

In civilian, she wears a white shirt that is consist of many features. For the top, she wears a long, flowy, sleeves, with a collar of the top that shows her shoulders. The top and bottom of the shirt are separated by a pink bow on the left side of her outfit, with a piece of cloth going around her waist. The bottom of the shirt flows on her right side, while wearing a blue shirt. Including white shorts underneath, white knee-high socks, and brown high-heels.

In transformed, she wears a type of tiara that is on her forehead. There is a diamond-shaped jewel that lays on the middle of her forehead with it connecting to the rest of the crown. It connects with ear covers that make butterfly wings on the sides of her ears. Her relic rests in the middle of her chest which connects with the rest of her top. She has a jacket like cloth that goes down, making a skirt in the back of her. Under it is a two piece, with the bottom that creates the rest of the shirt. She has armored knee-high boots, and armored gloves as well. A caller like joker is included as well.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

Activation Song Edit

Mi Tsuyoi Was tron

Abilities Edit

Since she is the user of the Was Relic/Symphogear, she has anti-noise armor to attack Noise and save the land.

Her armored gear is a big staff.

Attacks Edit

Songs Edit

Solo Edit

Duet Edit

Group Edit

Quotes Edit

"I'm not a Princess" - Her Catchphrase

"What the..." - Her becoming a Symphogear user

"Follow Me...I want you protected at all times!" - Her trying to protect a child from a Noise

Trivia Edit

  • Her birthday is January 30th (Aquarius)
  • She is dislikes many foods, with many being vegetables
  • She is know everywhere being called a "Princess", though she hates being called that
  • Like vegetables, she also hates seafood
  • When first appeared she hides that she's wealthy, until it's later revealed that she is after she becomes a symphogear
  • She loves chocolate
  • She loves singing but never got the chance because of her family worried about their reputation
  • She is very unsocial around people most of the time
  • Her favorite holiday is her Birthday, with her least being Valentine's Day
  • She has visions sometimes of people being monsters

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