This is a joint project between me and Kobayashi Haruna.

Part 1Edit

---Somewhere In The World Of Serizawa Yami---

A mechanical abomination with clock for a face emerged from a portal. On his forearm are a pair of cannon with barrel muzzle shaped like a gear in some kind of clock tower. While his hand and finger is filled with the same detail. His chest features multiple intricate gear-like structure facing forward while his shoulder mounted two pair of thirteen-barreled gatling gun with the barrel arranged in a clock-like fashioned. On his leg are a plethora of rocket launcher, beam gun that look like clock while his foot feature two pointy tip, with one tip having a longer length than the other, strangely simulating the hand of a clock. In his hand is a two barrel gun that share the same aesthetic as his body and a strange sword that look like a pair of clock hands stick together.

"I am the great and mighty Professor Clockwork of the Gaistar Empire."

Right after introducing himself, the monster pointed his gun at a far away skyscraper and pull the trigger. With a loud bang, the entire skyscraper has literally falling apart and rust away. After demonstrating his might, Professor start waving his hand. Signaling thousand of his soldier to attack everyone on the street.


But rather than total destruction like he promised instead, some of his soldier has been destroy by gunshot. With a loud "WHAT", the monster turn his ugly head around and look into a group of eight shadow who has just answer his "greeting" with their own "hospitality". They're the Neo Illuminati, a group of extra-ordinary people band together, struggle together, laugh together, cry together, bonded by the string of friendship and gratitude. No one known what their goal is and some even say the group has no defined goal. However none can argued that Neo Illuminati has been a pain in the ass for the world ever since it formation. With their target on sight, the soldier quickly open-fire. However before they can even hit their target, a wall of energy his been created by the target in question transforming. However, in order to conceive their identity. An EMP field and artificial darkness has been created while they transform.

"Attack Ride: Blast"

Their leader, Serizawa jump into the sky in his Dark Decade form and swoop down after slotting a card into his belt and activate it power. He pull out his wallet and fold it into a gun with it trigger, handle and muzzle. All hidden in plain sight via retracting when he disguised it as a wallet. After he pull the trigger. Causing multiple gun that look seemingly like some kind of illusion to appear alongside his physical gun. Those deceptively looking gun are in fact capable of firing real bullet. twenty soldier has fallen after a quick barrage. And more of them falling after concentrated firing.

"Ready !"

Then more soldier has been literally being turn into dust after the second member of Neo Illuminati, Tobi or as he like to call himself Faiz. Start cutting them down one by one using his weapon. A very sharp energy-conducting blade that he swear is not a light-saber. Some attempted to jump on him but has been put down by a barrage of bullet. Fired from a flip phone that can also be used as a gun. Then a straight line filled with soldier was shot through after he dial 1-0-3 into the phone, causing it to shout out the confirmation code of "Single Mode". The third member is Arukado, but in his current form he is simply called Kiva.

"Dogga Hammer"

After changing into his Dogga form by using a purple whistle he swing a giant hammer down to crush a group of soldier. Then he spun his hammer around like Kirby and crushing all soldier around him like tornado. Followed by another form change into Bassha Form and a barrage of gun shot from Bassha Magnum a gun that firing sphere that look like water but are absolutely not water ... at least that what he swear.

"Chou Henshin"


Dealing with another swarm of soldier are Kazanari Yu, a member of the acclaimed Kazanari Family. However he has been hunted down as a traitor after the act of killing his father by literally punching his his head into the moon after transforming into his current form, Kuuga. In order increase his movement speed, Yu has change into his Dragon Form, wearing a blue armor that increase his jumping height, reaction speed and a long rod called Dragon Rod. Accompanying him is his girlfriend Yukina Tsugami, who has become Agito after many forming a relationship with him. She has been using a blue form called Storm, armed with the double edged Storm Halberd. Soldier after soldier has been blown into the sky after Agito spin her halberd rapidly. Causing them to fly straight into Kuuga whom quickly destroy them by stabbing them with his Dragon Rod.


The sixth member, Ryusei swipe two card into his sword, causing an aura of energy to wrap around the blade and causing thunder to surround the field. After stabbing his sword into the ground and send electric coursing through the earth. Paralyzing a large group of soldier, leaving them at his mercy. And after a massacre, only one batch of soldier remain which has been quickly finishes by the last two member, Kuro and Haruno, a couples enrolled in the Lydian Music Academy Student whom join Serizawa Yami group after he rescue them from a Black Company. They gain a pair of Lost Driver and a Double Driver to be able to defend themselves. Afterward they decide to stick around and become full fledged member. In his current form Kuro is called Kamen Rider Joker. And Haruno in her current form is Kamen Rider Cyclone.

""""One fight scene and a finishing move later""""

Suddenly a portal has been created from the exploding corp of Professor Clockwork and it quickly swallowing the Neo Illuminati into another world.