Sheryl Arpeggio Yamaguchi
"My song supasses yours by far . . ."

"I will learn that our songs may entwine . . ."

Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Coffee Brown
Eye Color Golden-Yellow
Relic Gandiva
Theme Color White/Black
Personal Status
Relatives Yamaguchi Ken (Father)

Forte (Mother)

Occupation Student

Symphogear User

VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Nagano Ai
Sheryl Arpeggio Yamaguchi (シェリルアルペジオ山口) is an OC created by Ezzie Shinchaku. A strange, mysterious Symphogear User with a special secret. Sheryl is a strange girl who is hard to talk to, as she usually doesn't answer back despite not being mute and has a difficult time trusting others. Sheryl's relic is the Gandiva and her theme color is white.


Sheryl (シェリル) - An English female name.

Arpeggio (アルペジオ) - A musical term, meaning: the notes of a chord played in rapid succession, either ascending or descending.

Yamaguchi (山口) - Means "Mountain Mouth/Opening" or "Mountain Entrance".


Sheryl is a girl of average height with pale skin and shoulder-length, coffee brown hair cut straight. She although has no bangs as they were cut off, completely exposing her forhead and eyebrows. She has dull, half-lidded golden yellow eyes.

Sheryl normally wears a long, black cloak with her casual wear underneath; it consists of a short, white dress. Along the skirt is a grey gradient with black ribbons along the ends. The bodice of the dress is grey with a black gradient. Asmall, long sleeved black vest and finishing the look, are pair of black heels.

While in Symphogear form, she wears a white undersuit with the center of the front and back being black. At the back of her waist are a pair of medium-sized white diamonds. She has white and black gloves and stockings of the same two shades. On her elbows, top of wrists and knees is a white diamond piece. The chest section of the suit is partically cut open, revealing part of her chest. On her sides a black, inverted "C" shaped, metallic piece. On the sides of her head is a lack and white peice over each ear. Further up on the sides of her head is a medium-sized diamond-shaped metal piece.



Attacks and Abilities

Phomon Gandiva Zizl


Being a Symphogear user, she has the ability to summoned a Symphogear with the correct chant. Many say she doesn't require the usage of LINKER even though she isn't attuned. 


  • Dynamic Arpeggio - Sheryl's gear takes the form of a large barrage of white, light arrows which while spinning, simultaneously fire the arrows until they are all gone. If she uses alchemy while performing the attack, the arrows will be endless, go long distances, be fired 10,000 times and cause more damage.
  • Grand Suite - Similar to Giga Zeppelin of Chris. Sheryl creates a copy of her arrow before combining them into a long, massive arrow surpassing her size by far and firing it. While in flight, it instantly breaks up into millions and billions of tiny, minature arrows which rain down upon the enemy (s).
  • Technique Sonata - Sheryl creates a copy of her arrow. She then spins arrow extremely fast and fires each arrow while doing so, shooting millions and bilions of arrows in all directions.
  • Spinning Symphony - Sheryl's arrow grows in size before she weilds it and stabs it straight through the enemy before firing. It either takes the enemy with it once fired, or goes right through the enemy, leaving a large, gaping hole where it went through.
  • Emergency Octave - Combining her alchemy and armed gear, she proceeds to fire and once it hits it its target, it emits an unbearable soundwave. The sound is capable of blowing away enemy (s) or actually breaking apart actual gears, despite hers.
  • Guarding Rhythm - She shoots her arrow in the sky and it projects a large, impenetrable forcefield.
  • Twin Melody - A double version of Guarding Rhythm. She now creates two large energy walls on either side of her. They can project many soundwaves if hit, they will not affect her or the ones she is protecting.
  • Rebellion Type Alpha: Missing Harmony - A combination attack with Shirabe. Sheryl performs Technique Sonata, while Shirabe uses Alpha Style 100 Rebirths. The two spin together at top speed and unleash over thousands of fired, flying buzzsaws and arrows.
  • Double Fortissimo: Big Bad Wolf - A combination attack with Kirika. While Kirika uses Kill Juliet and Sheryl uses Dynamic Arpeggio. Two arrows from Sheryl's gear hook themselves to the pauldrons on Kirika's shoulders, before the two begin to spin extremely fast. They simultaneously fire sycthe blades and arrows at the foe (s). With the addition of Sheryl's alchemist abilities, the amount of blades Kirika hurls multiplies.
  • Ignited Chord - Only accessable if the Ignite Module has been activated already. The entire left/right side of her armor transforms into a trio of large arrows. The first takes hold of the enemy (s). The seconds brings them towards her and she last fires itself, directly through the enemy, causing a massive wave of energy, killing them.
  • ZABABA'S Crosendo: Beta Style Maximum Thumbelina - A combination attack between Kirika, Sheryl and Shirabe. While Kirika and Shirabe use ZABABA Eclipse: Forbidden Wheel of Evil, Sheryl leaps meters in the sky directly above the enemy and comes down at top speed while using Spining Symphony with the assistance of her fire alchemy. With the power of the trio's attack in unision, the enemy (s) physical form will be sliced, stabbed and burnt away simultaneously.



  • Her attacks are named after musical terms.
  • Her battle song genre is a mix of R&B and Classical.
  • Her birthday falls on the 2nd of January.
  • She is the very first Symphogear User to be half-human, instead of being fully human or a reincarnation of someone else.
    • She is also the first Symphogear User to be an alchemist. But in her case, half-alchemist.