Serena Cadenzavna Eve
Zerena Infobox
Age 13 (death)

21 (Physiologically)

Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Relic Argetlam
Theme Color White
Personal Status
Relatives Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Occupation Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Yui Horie
Serena Cadenzavna Eve (セレナ・カデンツァヴナ・イヴ Serena Kadenzavuna Ivu) was the younger sister of Maria Cadenzavna Eve. 

As Seen in...Edit

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV Edit

Serena, alongside Kanade were revived as of MV. During a fierce and furious battle against an army of Alca-Noise involving Maria, Shirabe and Kirika, one of the Alca-noise upperhanded Maria, unfortunatley getting to her relic, but merely splitting the Argetlam in two. During this time, Serena had already been brought back.

Believing it would no longer sync with her, Maria had put the Argetlam relic down. Fortunately, Serena talked her out of it. Duringa rematch against the Alca-noise, Maria and Chris were in combat, when one of Chris' arrows accidentally hit Maria. After the large energy explosion, it is revealed that Chris' misfired arrow split the Argetlam in two. Each having part of the Argetlam, Serena and Maria finally defeat the army and attempt to kill the summoner of said armies, but she escapes.


Senki Zesshou Symphogear MVEdit



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