Senki Zesshou Symphogear Full CHARGE is the sequel to Senki Zesshou Symphogear CHARGE. It is the second series by Cure Kohaku. CureLightning's character, Hikawa Sora, is also a main character in the series.

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The main protagonist of the series, Daisy is a nice girl who is on the basketball team. She seems cool and calm, but is actually energetic and cheerful. Her relic is Kusanagi and her theme color is yellow.

Daisy's best friend, Yume is a cheerful girl who loves to draw. However, she isn't popular and has a hard time making friends and is considered "weird" by others. Her relic is Trishula and her theme color is teal.

Naoko is very popular at school, having lots of friends. However, deep down, she loves animals and loves helping them whenever she can. She is also very bad at sports, unlike Daisy. Her relic is Sharur and her theme color is indigo.

Hime was orginally a creation made by the villains out of Daisy's DNA, but she turned out to have a good heart and became Daisy, Yume, and Naoko's friend. Since she and Daisy share the same DNA, they are sisters. She later becomes a Symphogear user, having the Gandiva relic. Her theme color is yellow.

Sora is a veteran Gear User with a nasty temper. She is known as “The Dragon” because of her anger. Depsite her temper, she is very friendly and also is very sarcastic at times. She uses the relic Excalibur and her theme color is scarlet.

Starting out as a villain, Akari is a very smart and clever girl who can solve almost any problem. However, she got bullied for this when she was younger, so she usually isn't open to making friends. Once you get to know her, however, she is very kind and sweet. Her relic is Kladenet and her theme color is magenta.

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