SH14AB3 (Decoded to Shirabe)
SH14AB3 Debut
"Mistress Mayumi!"
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV
Age Year Since Creation
Gender Genderless (Feminine Exterior)
Race C.L.O.N.E (Certified Living Organism with No End)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Relatives Mayumi Schmidt (Non-Biological Mother; Creator)
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Yoshino Nanjo
S.H.1.4.A.B.3, or Shirabe is a Clone created by Mayumi. She appears in MV and a secondary antagonist alongside Mayumi herself. As a Clone, she has undying loyalty to Mayumi, and would even risk her life for her, despite the fact she has an eternal lifespan.

Appearance Edit

SH14AB3 looks identical to the real thing in every way, although unlike the real Shirabe, she is unable to disguise herself among civilians, and is always in her Gear User form.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Clones Abilities Edit

Like all Mayumi's clones, SH14AB3 has the ability to go in between four forms of her appearance: G Mode, Default Mode, Ignite Mode and X-Drive Mode, all with ease. She has an eternal lifespan, no known weaknesses. 

After being taught by Mayumi, she has the ability to use alchemy, with her specialty being Fire. With her yoyos, she is able to send electrical currents and trails of fire through them.

On occasion, she has been known to make hexagonal symbols with the strings, that fire either beams or balls of fire. Her yoyos and sawblades have also been known to be counted as explosives.

Attacks Edit

  • Emergency Φ Style・Twin Moon Karma (緊急Φ式・双月カルマ Kinkyū Fai-Shiki・Sōgetsu Karuma) - Each of Shul Shugana's large buzz saws transforms into a helicopter rotor which arrange themselves to place one above and one below SH14AB3, providing protection as well as allowing her to fly and use herself as a ramming weapon.
  • Extreme Σ Style・Forbidden Full Moon (非常Σ式・禁月輪 Hijō Sigma-Shiki・Kin Getsurin) - Both of Shul Shugana's large buzz saws combine into a large mono wheel vehicle which SH14AB3 can use for transportation or to ride into an opponent.
  • α Style・100 Saṃsāra (α式・百輪廻 Arufa-Shiki・Hyaku Rinne) - Hundreds of small saw blades are fired from SH14AB3's compartments.

Gallery Edit


  • Like the rest of Mayumi's clones, SH14AB3 is physiclaly unable to do the following:
    • Feel emotions as their brains/cores are unable to access their codes. including being able to fully smile, either being a simple half-smile or small smirk.
    • Giving them a cold, creepy or aloof appearance.
  • Her blood is black, appearing as oil or fuel.
  • If her exterior (armor) were to be touched casually, she would react in a sensual way; in other words, she'd react as if she were touched inappropriately.