Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV
Gender Genderless (Female Identification)
Race C.L.O.N.E (Certified Living Organism with No End)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pink
Personal Status
Relatives Mayumi Schmidt (Non-Biological Mother; Creator)
VA (Japanese) Yoshino Nanjo

SH14ABE (Sh_14_abE?) is a Clone created by Mayumi. She appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV and is a secondary antagonist. She has undying loyalty to Mayumi, and would even risk her life for her, despite the fact she has an eternal lifespan.

Her clone classification is SH_14E.

Abilities and Powers

Clone Anatomy


  • Fire Alchemy: SH14AB3 was taught the formula to create and manipulate fire by Mayumi. At any point she can bring out the symbol of fire and use a variety of fire-based spells, most of which aid her in combat.


  • Like the rest of Mayumi's Clones, SH14AB3 is themed after 4 things: card suit in the french deck, deadly sin, element of the periodic table and the successor of an Autoscorer:
    • SH14AB3's suit in the french deck is the hearts. .
    • SH14AB3's sin is Lust.
    • SH14AB3's element is silver.
    • SH14AB3 is the successor of Micha Jawkān.