Relics (聖遺物 Sēibutsu?) are powerful items used in Senki Zesshou Symphogear Shining Miracles. They function as the core of a Symphogear User's power source.

Known Relics Edit

  • Desirable Rose - Akimura Ruby's relic. It was discovered by Ruby 5 years prior to the series when she went to Tenerife and had a powerful connection with it like Kaze had with her relic when it was passed down to her. It also has the shape of a heart in which has a flower engraved in it.
  • Eternal Breeze - Soramiya Kaze's relic. Kaze's grandfather discovered the relic when he was 15, which was then passed down to Kaze who somehow had a powerful connection with it like Ruby did with her relic when she found it in Tenerife. It also has the shape of a diamond in which has a wind symbol engraved in it.
  • Natura Papillon - A mysterious relic in which was held by the legendary Symphogear User, Amamiya Chō. It has, along with it's user, been missing for 3 years.

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