Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M
Age 15 (claimed)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Violet
Theme Color Cranberry
Personal Status
Occupation Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Hikada Rina

Prelati (プレラーティ ?) was an alchemist from the top brass of the Bavarian Illuminati. As of Senki Zesshou Symphogear M, she has been revived and turned fully human, unfortunately stripping her of her previous alchemist abilities. As of M, she has become an official protagonist as well as Symphogear User.


  • Full Name: Prelati
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 152.5cm
  • Three Sizes: B82/W55/H76
  • Nationality: Italian 


She is based off of François Prelati, an Italian priest and alchemist who committed murders alongside Gilles de Rais in the nineteenth century.


On the surface, Prelati appears quiet and reserved but underneath her calm and cool exterior, is a vicious and calculating warrior with a deep love for the ones she holds close, especially Cagliostro. On some rare occasions her old personality shows through and she lets a preference for having fun get in the way of work. She ends all of her sentences with "wakeda" (わけだ?).



In the past, Prelati was soundly defeated by the true power of alchemy wielded by Saint-Germain. Afterwards, Prelati agreed to help Saint-Germain achieve the ideal she strives to make a reality. Prelati used to indulge in luxury and pleasure, but ever since being granted a perfect body by Saint-Germain, gaining an extended lifespan and permanent youth, she has quit being lazy and become an earnest researcher.

Being RevivedEdit

Acivating her relicEdit


Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Anni Kendamaha tron

Prelati is the user of the Kademaha relic. The relic was originally derived from the Philosopher's Stone, until being formed into a relic of its own and given to her. Unlike Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris and Kiseki, Prelati isn't attuned, meaning she requires the use of LiNKER to keep her powers stable. 

Her Armed Gear is a Kendama (Japanese Stick and Ball toy), it can also produce a blade from between the heads, or launch the large ball as a projectile or be used as defense. 

Attacks Edit

  • Prelati Style: Floating Oblivion of Wakeda - Prelati slams her Armed Gear while in Hammer Mode on the ground, the hammerheads split down the middle and release a series of red threads, which are able to tear her target(s) to shreds.
  • Wakeda Folder: Open Ribbit Strike - Prelati's Armed Gear changes from Hammer to Blade. Prelati proceeds to cut, stab and slash her target until nothing is left.
  • Ribbit-Ribbit: Going Wakeda Crazy - Prelati spins at top speed with her cape open, generating a towering red-colored tornado. A similar version of Kirika's Calamity Ring・Tinkerbell.
  • Frobidden Prelati Usage: Fallen Strike - Using the boosters on her cape, Prelati propels herself forward. Her Armed Gear splits up the middle and she fires a beam of black energy into the sky, before ramming through her target. The beam strikes him instantly afterward. 
  • Prelati Style: Ribbit Execution - Prelati performs a frontflip and leaps on her Armed Gear, trasforming it into a large vehicle. Prelati can use it to ram into her target or transportation. 
  • Prelati X Caglisotro: Shooting Siamese Star  
  • Superb Song - Prelati is capable of singing a Superb Song. 
  • Chance☆Diagnosis: Froggy Sick Day - An attack that requires both Kiseki and Prelati. Both using the Ignite Module, Prelati forms her Armed Gear into a vehicle and bounds their target. With Kiseki piloting the vehicle with her Armed Gear, they ram through their target and use the rockets on Prelati's cape for extra force. 



  • All her attack names are in English and feature either her own name, or the word "ribbit" and her signature, sentence concluding phrase, "wakeda". 
  • Similar to Maria's black Gungnir, Prelati's cape has different abilities. 
  • Prelati's birthday falls on November 30th, therefore she is a Sagittarius. 
  • Her battle song genre is Techno. 
  • She is almost never seen without her toy frog, Ribbit-Kun. She also sleeps, eats and reads with him. if he's not in her arms, he's in her eyesight.
    • Speaking of eyesight, it is unknown how or why, when she is in her Gear form she has perfect vision while in civilian form she requires glasses.