Nohane Tenshi ( ) was a young girl who was found by Dark Kanade. She met her end when she fought Chris Yukine, but lost, and her passion for winning shattered, and she killed herself out of despair of losing.

She is now a removed character.

Nohane Tenshi
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Brown
Relic Óski
Theme Color White
Personal Status
Occupation Symphogear User (former)
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Saki Fujita

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Personality Edit

Nohane is infamous for being the only girl in Dark Kanade's team who follows her willingly, not mind-controlled. Thus, she if feared by all who meet her.

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Nohane has large eyes and orange hair, wrapped up in a braided crown and a small ponytail in the back. She is most commonly seen wearing her Dark Attire, a white battle-robe with black and red accents.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is based on that of Asuna Yuuki, but modified slighly to fit the Symphogear universe.
  • Her gear is swan/angel-themed.
  • She is the most powerful user (other than Dark Kanade) in the series.
  • She is a Yandere.

Quotes Edit

"Sayonara!" - Various, Catchphrase

"I thought...if I destroy everything in her way...Kanade...Kanade will finally love me!" - Episode 11, Season 4.