Nōto Sorano (空のノート Sorano Nōto) is a young girl who first appeared in Symphogear's 4th Season, DX.

Nōto Sorano
Noto Casual
"Sing, and I can protect."
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Relic Svalinn
Theme Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents

Boss Lady (aunt)

Occupation Student, Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Saki Nakajima


Nōto (ノート) — Means "Note(s)".

Sorano (空の) — Means "Of the Sky".


Nōto has red eyes and long black hair, usually tied into pigtails with brown bands or red ribbons with blue roses on them. She is most often seen wearing her school uniform.


Nōto has a black, white, and purple under suit with purple crystals on her hips, white bands over her torso, and a red skirt and spiky heels. She wears diamonds on the inside of her arm, black, white, and red leg armor and purple rockets boosters on her backside. Her headphones are spiky and designed to resemble a bull's horns, and wears a headband with a crystal on it.


Nōto is quite protective and observing, due to past experiences with escaping bullies. She hates anybody who picks on somebody on a lower level than them and has dedicated her life to helping those in need.

People tend to think she is more innocent then she is, but she will throw back an insult and reveal a cold expression. Whenever she argues against somebody's actions, it's often in a formal tone.

When she gets emotional, she gets emotional. She will often treat the problem worse then it is and think up of the strangest and most unneeded consequences.


When Nōto was very young, she was being chased by Noise. Running her hardest, she fell to the ground anyway. But two girls, one with red hair and the other blue, came in and saved her life. Amazed, Nōto asks how she can protect others too. The red-haired one told her words she would never forget:

"Sing, and you can protect."

About a year after the incident of Carol Malus Dienhiem, Nōto was transferred to Lydian Academy. There, she felt left out due to her condition, but made her mark when she started to stop the bullies that were there. All it took a good, hard stare. The others called this signature move 'The Tamara Look'.

But when she went to the grand re-opening of the popular pancake place, Flower, she was attacked by a new monster. But this was different.

It was an unearthly being, being made out of the cosmos itself. They were called Atranachs.

Striking at her, she was suddenly saved by two young woman, one with the same hair as the one who saved her many years ago. Could it be? She called out to her.

But her asthma suddenly kicked in and she fainted.

Waking up in a facility, she noticed the blue-haired girl was there. So were other girls. Immediately the brown-haired one come up and asked if she was alright.

After a small discussion, she was told about the Symphogear, and was asked to join S.O.N.G. She accepted, remembering the words that girl told her many years ago.

But something happened that wold change her life forever.

When S.O.N.G. was attacked by a Water Atranach, she hurried into the Relic room, hoping to save the data they had. Instead, she found a box of pendants, and took the box. Hopefully it could help.

While the girls battled, Chris was struck down and vulnerable. When she was about to be killed, something amazing happened.

The box opened, and a pendant started to glow. And she sang.

Transforming into a warrior, she ran and wouldn't stop. Summoning a shield, she protected her senpai.

After the monster was defeated, she was bewildered. "What's happening to me?!" She said. "Is this some sort of costume!?"

She was a Symphogear user. And she didn't need LiNKER to sing, which was an extremely rare case.

She vowed to fight alongside the girls and protect those who couldn't protect themselves.

Nōto quickly became friends with Chris, her senpai, and often depended on her. Shirabe and Kirika also became close friends, as they knew what us was like to be new on the team.

But much later, when the world was about to be destroyed, Nōto did the impossible: She sang her Suberb Song.

Creating a shield around the entire population of Earth, she saved the world. But she almost died because of it.

And as a result, Kanade's plan was defeated.

As Hibiki held her lifeless friend's body in her arm a they sat on the Lunar Ruins, she begged her to come back. But a miracle sparked, and the remaining energy from Tsubasa's song brought her back from the brink of death! But Kanade died in her place.

Later, she admired the rebuilding of a Catholic Church and Chris came to sit with her. She took her hand and said she could keep a secret, as Chris let her innermost feelings about the world out.

Attacks and Abilities

Togios Svalinn Loomis Bino Tron


Being an attuned, she can summon a Symphogear with the right chant. She is the only one (besides Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris) to not have to use LiNKER.

But like any good character, she has her drawbacks too. Nōto is often to worried about others to look out for herself, which can lead her into troublesome situations.

Her armed gear is a large shield that can extend into a spear or a saw. Her gear is also linked to Shen Shou Jing, so she can protect herself and others from relic-based powers at will.


  • Arc of Death — Extends her armed gear into a large saw, and slices through her opponent.
  • Takeko Slaughter — Grabbing her sheild, she throws it into the air as it transforms into an extremely sharp disc, and slices through her enemies. It comes back to her hand afterward. She can control where the shield will go, but is vulnerable in doing so.
  • Steep Gozen — Extends her shield into a large dome, which covers her and her allies.
  • Die Boudicca Storm — Summons another shield and attaches them together, into a saw. She can use it to throw at enemies or latch onto a high building.
  • Deadly Beta Style: Super Storm of Artemisia - A combo attack with Shirabe. With both of them preforming Die Boudicca Storm and Beta Style Super Saw Flash, they attach their buzz-saws into one huge yo-yo and swing it around towards their enemies.
  • Nakano Triple Slipper: Execution of Courage - Another combo attack, this time with Kirika. Both of them activate Takeko Slaughter and Twin Cuter Cinderella, and combines them into a large scythe, that can spin around and launch into their opponents.
  • EXTERMINATE: Talasilla - Yet another combo attack, with Hibiki. Hibiki summons her armed gear, a giant lance connected to her fist, and Nōto attaches her armed gear (spear form) to it. They both strike down their opponent together.
  • Lozen Shunning — Extending her arned gear into a large spear, with the shield attached to the front, Nōto can throw it at her opponent and/or strike with it.
  • Zenobia Slice — Spins around extremely fast, so fast her shield can block things from all directions, and is invulnerable. This can only last for 1 minute, though.
  • Wonder Gozen - She doubles turns her sheild to saw mode while still in spear form. The saws start spinning fast enough to provide flight. She then puts her foot on them, attaches it, and rides them around.
  • Final Grace - Marksman Trinh - An attack only available in X-Drive mode. She slams her shield (in spear mode) into the ground, as it transforms into a laser. She can then fire it from anywhere, and it only works on Noise, weapons, or buildings. It does not harm anything organic (other than Noise).
  • Suberb Song - She is capable is singing a Zesshou. When she sings hers, she is surrounded with a red shield and and can transfer the power to others. But she loses the special ability to cease her Asthma, and is very weak. In X-Drive, the shield can expand to everyone on Earth.


Hibiki Tachibana — She is good friends with Hibiki, since they both share the common interest to help others out (despite the fact Hibiki is more verbal, and Nōto is psychical)

Tsubasa Kazanari — She doesn't really know Tsubasa as well as the others, but helps protect her in battle. She often refers to her as Aoi-senpai.

Chris Yukine — At first, they had a stoic relationship, but the two slowly grew close. Chris has saved her life on occasions, and she likes the thought of being her senpai. Being the kohai of Chris but the senpai of everyone else, Nōto often relies on Chris. At the end of the season, it is implied they may have feelings for each other.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve — She likes Maria, and the two have done a Zesshou together. But they can bicker over the best strategy to win a fight.

Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki — Both of which are her friends, being able to do a combo attack with them.

Kanade Amou - Meeting her only once when she saved her life and taught her the words she would use every day since, Nōto was very fond of her and took a liking to the Zwei Wing due to her resemblance to 'The Orange Girl'. When she met Dark Kanade the first time, she was awestricken.


Insert Songs Featured

  • Naishirudo - Svalinn (シールド - Svaruinnu 'Crying Shield - Svalinn')
  • Naishirudo - Svalinn (シールド - Svaruinnu 'Crying Shield - Svalinn') (Ignited Arrangement)
  • Wakarimashita! (分かりました!'Gotcha!)
  • Apple
  • LITTLE Help
  • LITTLE Help (Ignited Arrangement)
  • Kesshite (決して 'Never')



  • Her name literally means 'Notes of the Sky'.
  • Her battle song genre is EDM Violin.
  • Her attacks are themed after famous female warriors.
  • Nōto's worst fear is blood.
  • Her weak point is her lack of self-care.
  • She is the only user to have a medical disorder.
  • She can eat anything spicy and not feel a thing.
  • Her appearance is based on Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live, but altered to fit the Symphogear universe.
  • She was mind-controlled by Dark Kanade for a short amount of time.
  • She is Catholic.


  • "Sing, and I can protect." - Various Episodes, Mantra
  • "Why don't you keep your hands to yourself!" - Season 4, Episode 1
  • "If we both help others, why don't we see how we can help each other out?" - Season 4, Episode 13
  • "What? Is, this some sort of costume?!" - Season 4, Episode 2
  • "Pick on somebody your own size!" - Various Episodes, Catchphrase
  • "Chris-senpai. I put my full trust in you. You inspire me." - Season 4, Episode 3
  • "If your burden is too big, we can bear it together! Senpai!" - Season 4, Episode 4
  • (To Tsubasa) "I'll just call you Aoi-chan from now on." - Season 4, Episode 1
  • "Girls! Let's bring them justice!" - Season 4, Episode 12
  • "Please God. Let everything be ok." - Season 4, Episode 13