Miku Kohinata (小日向 未来 Kohinata Miku?) is Hibiki's best friend, who shares a dorm with her and is often concerned for her safety.

Miku Kohinata
Miku Infobox
"I want to protect you!"
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Aquamarine
Relic Shen Shou Jing
Theme Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Unnamed Aunt
Occupation Student, Symphogear User (former)
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Yuki Iguchi

As Seen in...

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV


Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV

Guāng - Chinese for "Light". Miku's Armed Gear releases a storm of exploding lights at her enemy.

Xīngguāng - Miku's Armed Gear releases thousands of small floating pieces resembling circular mirrors which surrounds the enemy. Simultaneously, they all shoot continuous beams of pure light at the enemy. In Chinese, it means "Starlight".

Fǎnyìng - Similar to Shanguag from G. After summoning a copy of her Armed Gear, she combines them into a large open folding fan, now with 28 segments, which all release a massive combined, impenetrable beam. In Chinese, it means "Reflect" or "Reflection".

Xīng shízìjià - Miku summons her Armed Gear as a folding fan. She then charges at her enemy at full speed with the fan open, and while shooting  a continuous beam of light. Chinese for "Star Crossed".