Maria Cadenzavna Eve (マリア・カデンツァヴナ・イヴMaria Kadenzavuna Ivu?) is an energetic singer who reached the top of the American music charts about 2 months after her debut.

Throughout most of Symphogear G, Maria claims to be the newest reincarnation of Finé after Ryōko Sakurai's demise. This ruse is eventually dropped, leading to confusion about the real identity of Fine's new host as it is implied to be Kirika Akatsuki until Episode 12 reveals it to be Shirabe Tsukuyomi.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Maria Infobox
"Even if I'm weak, I'll stay true to myself."
Age 21
Gender Female
Hair Color Coral
Eye Color Cyan
Relic Gungnir (former), Airgetlem
Theme Color Black (former), Silver
Personal Status
Relatives Serena Cadenzavna Eve (sister)
Occupation Singer (former), Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Yoko Hikasa

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Yorokobi to Maria no Kuiaratame

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