Madoka Ayaka
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Magenta
Eye Color Sky Blue
Relic Laetus
Theme Color Sky Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Madoka Misaki (mother)
Madoka Ken (father)
Madoka Nozomu (older sister)
Occupation Student
Symphogear User
VA (Japanese) Taichi You
Madoka Ayaka (円彩夏?) is the main protagonist of Senki Zesshou Symphogear EXtreme. Ayaka is an energetic girl who absolutely loves to help other people as well as sing despite being a bit ditzy. When she discovers that Hibiki, her senpai, and the other Symphogear Users have been abducted by Kaze, Ayaka is called to S.O.N.G Headquarters and turns out to be able to activate a Symphogear. Her relic is the Laetus and her theme color is sky blue. Her armed gear is a wand-like staff.

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In her civilian form, Ayaka has long dark magenta hair tied into a low ponytail. Her casual wear consists of a sapphire plaited dress with a pair of knee high socks and sky blue boots.

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  • Madoka (?) means "circle"
  • Ayaka (彩夏?) can have different meanings dependent on the kanji used, however, the kanji used here means "colorful summer" with (aya?) meaning colorful and (natsu?) meaning summer. This could refer to Ayaka's relic, Laetus, in which is Latin for "colorful".

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