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General Information
ArtistHikada Rina
MY HEART TOY is a character song by Prelati, featured in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M.


That unfriendly yet spectacular look on your face, Brightens my day to its fullest (Brighten Brighten)
An expression I couldn't receive from my past companions
I think this an unfriendly day to be living
Yet again, I'm unafraid to pursue this brilliant outcome
It goes "ribbit-ribbit" (Ribbit Ribbit)
Hopping and leaping to new dreams
Today, I've decided to go with my heart and go hopping to a new future, with you, my toy (My Toy My Toy)
Let's go, on two feet (Hopping Hopping)
Its unthinkable to believe that my frightening crimson hoodje and fickle hammer would harm your virgin heart? (Heart Heart)
Unlike certain red rotation (Rotation Rotation) and crying blue blade (Blade Blade), I wasn't born

To do good

But now, I have risen to triumph beyond my natural magic



  • The lyics "red rotations" and "blue blade", are a refence to Shirabe and Tsubasa.
    • A direct reference to how "Shul Shagana"s name translated into English, and Ame-no-Habakiri being a sword, and Tsubasa's theme color.