Lonely Heart: Clarent
Sabishī kokoro: Clarent
General Information
ArtistSakamoto Maaya
3:35 (Ignited Arrangement)
Lonely Heart: Clarent (寂しいこころ:Clarent?) is the first character song of Chinatsu Kiseki.

Lyrics Edit

The darkness surrounds me right now, my heart cries with fear and solitude
The light dissolves, I no longer see the path that I should follow

My one wish will never come true, that wish to be free
From the loneliness I suffer
Shattering, are the memories of my happiness, turning into darkness

All I want to is to never be alone,
Is that too much to ask? What did I do to ever be alone?
Resounding from my fearstruck heart, is that pulse of
Loneliness… from deep within, deep within

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