Lise Cartelet (リィズ・カータレット Ryizu Kātaretto?) was a Symphogear user from England, she was also a close friend of Goten Uzumaki.

Personality Edit

Lise was a strong believer in peace and justice as she wished to bring peace to the world. She also seemed to admired Goten and Hibiki due to them both have the same wishes as her.

History Edit

Battle against Finé Edit

During the battle against Finé, Lise was away on a concert in America. 

Attacks and Abilities Edit

AbilitiesEdit Edit

Lise was the owner of the Laevatein relic, and had the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear. As an "Attuned" she can use the {nihongo|Power of Song|歌の力|Uta no Chikara}}, to summon her Armed Gear to fight. Lise's Armed Gear is a sword, and is not known to take other forms. It also has the ability to produce stardust that she can use for her Shape★Shift attack.

AttacksEdit Edit

  • Cross★Lantern — By using her Armed Gear, Lise charges at the enemy and slashes through them.
  • Shape★Shift — Lise is able to use her Armed Gear to produce stardust that can take the shape of anything she wants.
  • Zesshou —

Songs Edit

Insert Songs Featured in: Edit

Relationships Edit

Goten Uzumaki — Out of all Symphogear users, Goten knew Lise the longest as they met on his journey before he arrived to Japan. Since then, they became good friends. After Goten joined the Mobile Disaster Response Corps, Lise offered to look after Goten whenever she was in Japan, thus becoming his guardian. After hearing that Goten defeated Finé along with the other Symphogear users, she pointied out that she wasn't surprised that Goten was able to defeat Finé since he had studied under two famous shinobi.

Hibiki Tachibana — Lise shows respect for Hibiki as she has the same wishes as her, Lise also viewed her as a little sister. Despite Hibiki being the sole survivor of the Zwei Wing concert which caused Hibiki many hardships, Lise bears her no ill will and is willing to support her.

Tsubasa Kazanari — As a fellow Symphogear user, Tsubasa and Lise get along well. However, after Kanade's death their relationship became strained as she never wanted to fight alongside her again. After arriving to help Tsubasa against the Noise, Lise told her that nothing good will come if she is fight going to fight alone. Afterwards, Lise's relationship with Tsubasa improved significantly to the point where they were able to fight together once again and sing together on stage. After Lise's death, Tsubasa fell sorrow for the loss of her, stating that it was thanks to her and Kanade that she was able to come this far.

Kanade Amou — As a fellow Symphogear user, Lise shows respect for Kanade. After hearing about her death, Lise was saddened about her loss, but she is not blaming Hibiki for it. She also thought of Kanade as a hero. After her death, she was happy to get to meet her in the afterlife.

Chris Yukine — As former enemies at the beginning, the two did not get along at all during their first encounter. But after she begins to open up to the group, they become good friends. After hearing about Lise's death, she mourns the death of her friend.

Cloud Fenris — Despite not knowing each other personally, Lise consider Cloud as a comrade as she respects his efforts for supporing Goten.

Legacy Edit

After her death, Goten took her damaged relic as a memento. Some time after Goten returned from Japan, he created a memorial to Lise in the forest near her house (which later became his after her death).

Quotes Edit

  • (To Tsubasa about Goten and Hibiki) "They two are now our comrades, don't try to do everything all by yourself. Otherwise, you will fail for sure."
  • (To herself before singing her Zesshou) "I...don't have much time left... Which means... The only thing I can do now... I must protect matter what...!!"
  • (Last words, to Goten) " need to stay here. Look at your face... Hibiki don't want to see that face when you return. You'll probably have to suffer again from now on. But don't change, keep on going your way... Goten... I'm really happy that I met you..."

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