Kohaku Daisy
Gender Female
Age 16
Relic Kusanagi
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Auburn
Theme Color Yellow
Personal Status
Occupation Symphogear User

Basketball Team Captain (for her school)

VA (Japanese) Sanpei Yuko
Kohaku Daisy is an OC for Symphogear who is based off of her creator, Cure Kohaku. She normally is cool and calm, but is also very energetic and kind. She will also be the main character in Senki Zesshou Symphogear CHARGE. Her catchphrase is "Alright!"

Her relic is Kusanagi and her theme color is yellow with her armed gear being a fleuret.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

As a child, Daisy never was very popular and didn't have too many friends. Eventually, she got used to being lonely, but when she tried out for the basketball team and got in, she started to make some friends. However, none were very close to her and she still felt a little lonely.

Meeting Hibiki Edit

About a year after Daisy makes the basketball team, she sees a girl about her age in orange armor fighting the Noise. The girl fell down beside her, defeated the Noise, and then de-transformed into Tachibana Hibiki, who Daisy recognzied as a girl in her grade.

Hibiki notices Daisy and starts to chat with her. They walk to school together, and the two start to become good friends. While they talk, Daisy thinks about how Hibiki could be her first real friend.

Activating Kusanagi Edit

Appearance Edit

Civilian Edit

Symphogear Edit

Personality Edit

Daisy is a nice girl who normally appears cool, calm, and easygoing. However, she is really energetic and cheerful, and loves to make friends. She also loves food, especially donuts, and is easily distracted by it.

Relationships Edit

Attacks and Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

As a user of the Kusanagi relic, Daisy can fight the Noise using her armor.

Attacks Edit

Etymology Edit

Songs Edit

Solo Edit

Trivia Edit

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