Kobayashi Haruna
Kobayashi Haruna(1)
"Why should I care?"
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)

unnamed grandmother

Unnamed elder sister (unknown at this time)

Occupation Student


VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Nakamura Sakura
Kobayashi Haruna is an OC created By Haruna, who also happens to be the Symphogear version of her. Haruna is extremely blunt and tends to say things straight up, even if it were hurting someone's feelings. She appears as a main character in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M.


  • Full Name: Kobayashi Haruna
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15-16
  • Height: 159cm
  • Three Sizes: B86/W53/H82
  • Blood Type: A
  • Nationality: Half-American, Half-Japanese


Kobayashi (小林) translates to "small forest".

Haruna (はるな) has many different meanings without a direct one as it is written in hiragana. One mean could be "spring vegetables/greens", 春菜. Possibly a reference to the fact she was supposed to be born in spring, but instead summer.



Before moving to Japan, Haruna was living in the United States for a good majority of her life. When she was little, her parents would often simply forget about her or show very little interest, as she would actually do the same back. Their family relationship was considered "dead" by outsiders. Like both her parents, she had an aloof persoanlity and didn't care about anyone but herself. After being enrolled in school, Haruna intantly showed a grave hatred towards it. At age 5, her parents and grandmother suffered a Noise attack, taking their lives, all while Haruna was fast asleep.

The second they were dead, was when she woke up and ran downstairs. Traumatized by the scene, soemthing in Haruna snapped, turning her from a sheepish and apollogetic angel, to a cold, aloof and stiotic being, who hates being bothered.

Meeting Hibiki and the other UsersEdit

After turning 16, she had transfered to Lydian Music Academy.

Activating BajaoshanEdit

Becoming friends with KisekiEdit


Haruna is quite aloof and unfeeling, sometimes even claiming to not know the meaning or even existance of emotions or happiness. She prefers to stay in the background rather than the spotlight like most people. Haruna is extremely blunt, often leaving her sentences with mild yet quiet comments or not even apologizing if she hurts someone's feelings, as she thinks that apologies and her saying them, will actually make her seem "weak" or "futile". Haruna has been known to stare at a crying person. Underneath her cold and heartless exterior, hides a softspoken and gentle girl with a kind personality. 

Appearance Edit

Haruna stands slightly over average height with pale skin and narrow, amber eyes. She has shoulder length, black hair that is worn freely and shown to be somewhere between neat and unkempt. Her eyes are usually half-lidded, giving her a rather intimidating and creepy appearnace.  

Attacks and Abilities Edit

Activation SongEdit

Babylonia Bajiaoshan ivia tron


As the user of the Bajiaoshan Symphogear, Haruna holds the power to combat the Noise using Anti-Noise armor. However, she is not "attuned" and uses LiNKER to keep her powers stable.  

Her armed gear is a Chinese fan attached to a long staff.  

Attacks Edit

  • Griffin Style: Alexandria Lighthouse - With her fan faced outwards, it spreads a blinding flash of white light that is capable of either blinding or paralyzing either Alca-Noise, or other Symphogear users.
  • Werewolf Style: Artemis Temple - She creates copies of her fan which generate a massive wind storm capable of wiping out an entire army of noise within very milliseconds.
  • Gargoyle Style: Zeus Statue - Haruna's fan splits into nine separate segments. She can hurl them as boomerangs or fire them as missiles. Whatever they come in contact with will instantly turn to stone.
  • Banshee Style: Halicarnassus Mausoleum - Haruna creates many copies of her fan and bounds the enemy with them. With the real fan, she unleashes an unbearable sound wave capable of actually shattering relics.
  • Phoenix Style: Colossus Rhodes - Similar to Banshee Style: Halicarnassus Mausoleum, Haruna binds her enemy. While the enemy is bound, The rear-part of the Bajiaoshan gear open, releasing a massive flame that pushes her forward with her fan held similar to that of an ax. Right as she strikes the enemy, twin copies of her fan stab them from behind simultaneously.
  • Sphynx Style: Giza Pyrimad
  • Fairy Style: Hanging Gardens - 
  • Superb Song - Haruna is able to sing a Zesshou. She shoots millions copies of her fan along with her own into the sky, before they come instantly crashing down symultaneously, emmitting a large explosion of vast, thick and dangerous winds.

Songs Edit

Solos Edit

Duets Edit




  • "Why should I care?" - Her catchphrase.
  • "What's Zwei Wing? And who is Kanade?!" - Kiseki first telling her about Zwei Wing.
  • "Tachibana?! Gungnir?!" - Witnessing Hibiki transform, episode 01.
  • "I am a Symphogear User?!" - Activating Bajiaoshan for the first time, episode 02.
  • "Goodbye hidden pain, no more hiding behind a blank face ... Ignite Module, Drawn Blade!" - Haruna activating her Ignite Module for the first time, episode 10.
  • "I learned to sing...Thank you, Chinatsu Kiseki...For awakening my will to sing... Goodbye, Chinatsu-san..." - Singing her Zesshou.



  • Haruna's battle song genre is darkwave.
  • Haruna has actually never sang until becoming a Symphogear User.
  • Her birthday falls on the 13th of July.
    • Therefore, her Zodiac Sign is a Cancer.
  • She loves bad puns but is terrible when it comes to making them, or making jokes in general.
    • Usually it is left with her being the only one laughing.
    • Many often compare her laugh to the speech of a robot.
  • Haruna loves tomatoes, and can be noted that they're also the only fruit she'll eat.
  • She actually first heard of Zwei Wing two years after Kanade died.
  • Despite being both raised and born in Japan, she despises sushi, and seafood in general.
  • As of M,it has been noted that she a Chris have a great a friendship.
  • As of MV, Haruna develops romantic feelings towards Kiseki. 
  • She has been known to show little to no emotion most of the time, and has both smiled and cried only once in her entire life.
  • Haruna prefers to refer to others simply by their surnames, with her only exceptions being Maria, Mizu and Mayumi.
  • She is left-handed.

Gallery Edit

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