Kobayashi Haruna
Kobayashi Haruna(1)
"Why should I care?"
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Relic Erlang
Theme Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Kobayashi Victoria (elder sister)

Unnamed parents

Occupation Student


VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Nakamura Sakura

Kobayashi Haruna (小林 はるな?) is an OC created by Haruna, who also happens to be the Symphogear version of her. Haruna is extremely blunt and tends to say things straight up, even if it were hurting someone's feelings. She appears as a main character in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M.


  • Full Name: Kobayashi Haruna (小林 はるな)
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 170cm
  • Three Sizes: B86/W53/H82
  • Blood Type: A
  • Nationality: Half-American, Half-Japanese


Haruna is an extremely sensitive and childlike girl, but hides it extremely well behind an aloof and emotionless facade, which she puts on constantly, especially around people she knows. Haruna is sympathetic and sensitive to others around her. This is due to her high intuition and deep emotions. She can be very persuasive at times, and likes getting what she wants.  


Kobayashi (小林) translates to "small forest".

Haruna (はるな) has many different meanings without a direct one as it is written in hiragana. One mean could be "spring vegetables/greens", 春菜. Possibly a reference to the fact she was supposed to be born in spring, but instead summer.



Haruna grew up in a rather bright and polite environment. 

Activating ErlangEdit

Becoming friends with KisekiEdit



Haruna stands slightly over average height with pale skin and narrow, amber eyes. She has shoulder length, black hair that is worn freely and shown to be somewhere between neat and unkempt. Her eyes are usually half-lidded, giving her a rather intimidating and creepy appearance. 


Haruna wears a mainly black undersuit with pieces of gray and white. A white piece of armor is placed overtop her shoulder blades and over her back. At her crotch area are two white, triangular pieces each with a pink gemstone on the inside. The front and back drape down over her backside and legs as a loincloth. Black and white leggings on her legs that cut off at her ankle whereas she has black flats-like shoes. Black and gray arm warmers. A silver rocket booster is on her backside. Silver and white armor placed over her ears.



  • Kobayashi Whitney - Haruna's equally aloof mother. Throughout her life, she never cared much for her daughters. Her current location is unknown but she is with her husband. 
  • Kobayashi "Vicky" Victoria - Haruna's elder sister, who lives in Kyoto.
  • Kobayashi Aoi - Haruna's father who was known to be quite cold and didn't care for others except himself and his wife. His location is currently unknown. 


Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Activation SongEdit

Gescal Byunen Erlang tron


As the user of the Erlang relic, Haruna holds the power to combat the Noise using Anti-Noise armor. However, she is not "attuned" and uses LiNKER to keep her powers stable.

Her Armed Gear takes the form of a three-pointed, double-edged Spear.

Attacks  Edit

  • MACARON♠️STYLUS - Similar to Maria's HORIZON†SPEAR. Haruna weilds her armed gear faced outward and it splits up the middle and releases a large, continuoius cannon of silvery-pink energy.
  • PURIN♠️MY STYLE - Haruna raises her armed gear above her head before striking her target continuously, until there is nothing left.
  • REJECTED♠️ICECREAM - Haruna creates copies of her armed gear and launches them at her target.
  • UNKNOWN♠️BIRTHDAY CAKE - Haruna charges towards her targets, stabbing them all similar to a squiwer before her armed gear shoots a beam of energy, disintegrating them all. 
  • ALOOF♠️CHOCOLATE - Haruna twirls her armed gear above her head three times. It then unleashes a massive tornado that tears apart her target.
  • SUNDAE♠️STRIKE - Only usable in Ignite Module. Haruna charges at her opponent, slashes him and leaps in the air before performing a final finishing strike.
  • Superb Song - Haruna is able to sing a Zesshou.

Songs Edit


Senki Zesshou Symphogear MEdit

  • "Why should I care ?" - Her catchphrase.
  • "What's Zwei Wing? And who is Kanade?!" - Kiseki first telling her about Zwei Wing.
  • "I am a Symphogear User?!" - Activating her relic for the first time, episode 02.
  • "Goodbye hidden pain, no more hiding behind a blank face...Chinatsu, I'm coming! Ignite Module, Drawn Blade!" - Haruna activating her Ignite Module for the first time, episode 09.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MVEdit

  • "I guess saving the world..happens..AGAIN!" - bout to transform once again. 


  • Haruna's battle song genre is darkwave.
  • Haruna is Bisexual. 
  • Despite being both bilingual and half American, none of Haruna's songs are sung in English . 
  • All of Haruna's attacks are in English and named after diferent types of sweets and desserts.
  • Haruna has actually never sang until becoming a Symphogear User.
  • She loves bad puns but is terrible when it comes to making them, or making jokes in general.
    • Usually it is left with her being the only one laughing.
  • Haruna loves tomatoes, and can be noted that they're also the only fruit she'll eat.
  • She actually first heard of Zwei Wing two years after Kanade died.
  • Haruna refers to others simply by their surnames, with her only exceptions being Maria, Mizu and Mayumi.
  • She is left-handed.

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