Kobayashi Haruna
Kobayashi Haruna(1)
"Why should I care...?"
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MAX

Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Relic Erlang
Theme Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Kobayashi Victoria (elder sister)

Unnamed parents

Occupation Student


VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Nakamura Sakura

Kobayashi Haruna (小林 はるな?) is an OC created by Kobayashi Haruna, who also happens to be the Symphogear version of her. She was born and raised in Okinawa at a young age, before moving to Tokyo and meeting Kiseki.

Haruna is extremely blunt and tends to say things straight up, even if it were hurting someone's feelings. She appears as a main character in Senki Zesshou Symphogear M.


  • Full Name: Kobayashi Haruna (小林 はるな)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 170cm
  • Three Sizes: B86/W53/H82
  • Blood Type: A
  • Nationality: Half-American/Half-Japanese


Haruna appears to be cold and impassive, when is in reality she is an extremely kid and warm-hearted yet painfully shy and introverted girl who is extremely lonely and prefers to say as little as possible, afraid of running others away or being ignored.

She can be very persuasive at times, and likes getting what she wants. She cares deeply for those around her, but ever since a young age hasn't understood others but herself, often observing the emotions and reactions of others for fun. Has trust issues. 


  • Kobayashi (小林): Translates to "small forest". Ko (小) meaning "small" and Bayashi/Mori (林) meaning "forest/woods".
  • Haruna (はるな): Translates to "spring greens (vegatables)" if written as (春菜).  



She was born into a calm household that didn't have much strife, and her parents loved her as she grew up. But perhaps naturally, she developed a very cold personality and leads a quiet and detached life. 

On her 7th birthday, her house mysteriously went in flames. Her parents, Ao and Quinn already running off to who knows where and her elder sister, Victoria came to her aid through the power of her armor known as a Symphogear. After which, Victoria decided to start a new life in Kyoto and after attempting to take Haruna, although a distressed Haruna refused over her own goal to find her parents. 

After Victoria informed her over the possibility of them being dead after their fleeing, during their train ride to Kyoto, Haruna refused to believe that a left, believing Victoria's words to be a lie. She made her way back to Tokyo and lived on the streets for a few years, learning she wasn't able to trust anyone, no matter how they seemed or appeared, eventually after she developed a rather cold personality. 

Activating Erlang

Becoming friends with Kiseki


Haruna stands slightly over average height with pale skin and narrow, amber eyes. She has shoulder length, black hair that is worn freely and shown to be somewhere between neat and unkempt. Her eyes are usually half-lidded, giving her a rather intimidating and creepy appearance. She wears a pair of black pants and matching blouse. Overtop, a violet cardigan she always wears open and brown loafers. When in her school uniform, Haruna compliments it with a pair of black tights, maching cardigan and gray loafers. Many describe her body similar to a "small pear".  

In MV, Haruna wears a black blouse, gray jean shorts with black leggings and white tennis shoes. Overtop the black blouse is a dark blue jacket. On her left wrist, her relic hangs on like a bracelet.

In MAX...

As a child, Haruna's appearance remained mostly the same. She wore a grey, almost black hoodie, usually it over her head with black pants and matching trainers.  

Donning her Symphogear, Haruna wears a black, gray and white undersuit that bares her stomach. In the top middle of her chest, her relic rests where bands of white fabric come off the two sides of the relic and bend around the shoulder and the black neck joint, forming a prism-shaped cut at the back. Black wrist-length gloves with a grey brace at the wrist. On her upper arms and thighs, are black bands with gray armor attached. Above her backside, she gains a white and black armored piece that resembles a bow. The bottom half of her undersuit resembles a loincloth that drapes over her front and backside. On her legs, she gains black armord legwarmers with matching metalic flats. She gains gray headphones with black markings.

  • With the Ignite Module activated, Haruna's gear becomes a darker black with a black butterfly on her chest. The colors of her gloves and boots are inverted, and the bands on her arms and legs are now shaped similar to crosses, or plus signs but overall, her gear gains a spiky, and more sharp appearance.



  • Kobayashi Quinn - Haruna's mother.
  • Kobayashi Ao - Haruna's father. 
  • Kobayashi "Vicky" Victoria - Haruna's elder sister, who lives in Kyoto. She was the previous user of Erlang. 


Attacks and Abilities

Activation Song

Xiexie Erlang tron


As the user of the Erlang relic, Haruna holds the power to combat the Noise using Anti-Noise armor. However, she is not "attuned" and uses LiNKER to keep her powers stable. Her Armed Gear takes the form of a three-pointed, double-edged Spear.

  • DISASTER♠MACARON - Haruna rasies her Armed Gear high above her head and strikes the ground, sending a stream of energy at her target. 
  • CHIFFON♠DETEST - Haruna has her Armed Gear dissappear, before then summoning two replica of it and slashing her target mutiple times with the first and shooting a beam of light at him using the other. 
  • SYRUPEDGE - Creating a copy of her Armed gear, Haruna combines them to form a double-edged spear. With it she can either stab her target, spin to conjour a tornado or be used as a melee weapon.  
  • CRITICISM♠CANDYFLOSS - Haruna slams her Armed Gear in the ground, that sends a shockwave towards her target and having them flying in the air and proceeds to slash them over and over with her Armed Gear as they fall until nothing is left. 
  • SHORTCAKE♠TYRANT - Haruna leaps into the air above her target with her Armed Gear attached to her leg and using her rocket boosters at her backside for extra force, she kicks right through him.  
  • TABOO♠VANILLEKIPFERL - With her Armed Gear at a larger size, Haruna rides it similar to a board and rams into/through her target. This attack can also be a use of transportation.
    • NIGHTMARE ON♠CREPE STREET - While in the Ignite Module, Haruna throws her Armed Gear toward her target and rushes toward him, slashes him mutiple times and leaps away, a giant version of her Armed Gear crashing down on him afterward. 
    • MILLE-FEUILLE♠HAVEN - With the X-Drive active, the Erlang armor takes the form of a
    • Purple X Black: I Love You - TBA

Battle Songs


Senki Zesshou Symphogear M

  • "Why should I care..." - Her catchphrase.
  • "What's Zwei Wing and who is Kanade?!" - Kiseki first telling her about Zwei Wing.
  • "I am a Symphogear User...?!" - Activating her relic for the first time, episode 02.
  • "Goodbye hidden pain, no more hiding behind a blank face...Chinatsu, I'm coming! Ignite Module, Drawn Blade!" - Haruna activating her Ignite Module for the first time, episode 09.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV

  • "I love you, Chinatsu Kiseki..." - Confessing her feelings to Kiseki. 
  • "You are the small star in the sky, I am the night that protects you..." - Haruna's mantra when teaching Kiseki. 


  • Haruna's battle song genre is darkwave.
  • The names of her attacks feature a spade (♠), possibly following Victoria.
  • Similar to Kiseki's, Haruna's songs follow a certain pattern: 
    • Kon'nichiwa...Erlang - Speaks about how she thought she wouldn't many friends, or if she did they wouldn't be genuine. Speaking on how she thought she wasn't able to trust anyone but herself. 
    • SonomamaDarkness - TBA 
    • Majikku Kitchen no Kiseki - Theme being Haruna wanting to instead of telling, showing Kiseki that she has feelings for her, through the making of a special gift. 
  • The title of Haruna's Zesshou is "Watashi no Saisho no Uta, Watashi wa Kimochi o Bokashite" (私の最初の歌、私は気持ちをぼかして, My First Song, I Bottle my Feelings Away).
  • Haruna refers to others simply by their last names. 
    • However, it is a different story when around people she is close to (Kiseki, who she calls either "KiseKise" or "Chinatsu", she adresses Prelati as "PreLaLa", Cagliostro simply as "Cag-neko", Mayumi as "MaYuYu" and Mizu simply as "ZuZu"). 
  • When nervous or scared, she speaks in English, which later leads to parts of the lyrics in her songs.
  • All of Haruna's attacks are named after diferent types of sweets.
  • She loves bad puns.
  • She is left-handed.