Karen Byrne
Age 17 (GX-AXZ)
Gender Female
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Relic Whyda
Theme Color Sky blue
Personal Status
Occupation S.O.N.G Member


Karen Byrne  is a girl who has the power to use Symphogear armor, which uses music to combat enigmatic monsters known as Noise.


Karen - "Pure"

Byrne - "descendant of Bran"


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Whyda Symphogear


Karen is a kind hearted and very mature girl. She's usually the brain of the team, planning most tactics and attack formations.

She usually stays far from the enemy, part for her long ranged weapons and the other part coming from her desire to not fight.


Attacks and Abilities

Aitzen Mitzen Whyda Tron


She has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, which clads her in battle. As an "Attuned" she can use the Power of Song (歌の力 Uta no Chikara?), to summon her Armed Gear to fight. Karen is the owner of the relic Whyda. In it's normal state, her Armed Gear is a flintlock; however it is shown to change depending on the attack.


Juliette De Laurie - Both meet in S.O.N.G, being paired to form the European division, they easily became friends, making a good team thanks to their chemestry in the battlefield, while Juliette is the heart and impulsive Karen is the brains, leading to many incredible tactics.

Mariana Nolasco - The two of them developed a connection upon their meeting, and that bond kept getting stronger with every battle and training, leading them to trust each other the most.


  • Hansen-whyda ("帆船-ホワイダ" Sailing boat-whyda)
  • Bravery
  • The song of the Bird
  • Blue Bird

  • Our Song (with Mariana)
  • Meisou Rhapsody (with Mariana and Juliette)



  • Karen is Irish.
  • She uses english languages for her attacks and names of historical personalities.
  • Karen's battle song genre is orchestral.
  • She is a linker user.