Kanade Amou (天羽 奏 Amō Kanade?) was Tsubasa's former partner who fought alongside her, and a member of Zwei Wing. She was from Minakamiyama, Nagano.

Kanade Amou
Kanade Infobox
"Don't accept death!"
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Orange
Eye Color Dark Red
Relic Gungnir
Theme Color Orange
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Unnamed Sister
Occupation Singer (former), Symphogear User (former, Student (former)
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Minami Takayama

As Seen In...

Senki Zesshou Symphogear DX

Kanade was being recreated as part of a cloning test Elfnein thought up. Using hair found on her old Zwei Wing concert dress, she was slowly being grown from a small egg to a full-body human. But the machine used to recreate her went haywire, and it imploded, supposedly destroying her new body. But she actually snuck away and due to the radiation coming from the implosion, she went insane and became Dark Kanade.

She quickly found young girls and began to mind-control them, stealing various Relics from around the world to give the girls new power. Most girls' pendants weren't whole enough to work, so most of their power came from Kanade herself.

Dark Kanade eventually reveals she wants to create a new relic using bits and pieces from every relic existing today. After quite a season, she finally succeeds in Episode 12, even ceasing the mind control in confidence she'll still win, and uses it in Episode 13. At first it makes her go Berserk, but she regains control and becomes incredibly powerful, blowing off a peice of the moon to demonstrate it. But first, she challenges Hibiki to a duel when she stands in her way.

Hibiki does the impossible and accepts the challenge. After a fierce battle (that destroys yet another bit of the moon), Hibiki seemingly loses.

But Nōto sings her Swan Song and creates shields around all beings on the Earth, blocking the mind-control and saving the remaining users from going or staying on Kanade's side. Induriated, she goes to kill Hibiki-when Tsubasa's sword plunges through her chest.

This somehow triggers her insanity to stop, and she regains her old memories of Tsubasa. She smiles and tells her "Remember what I said before? About singing makes you empty? It doesn't. In fact, it makes you...stronger...and more joyful..." and dies in Tsubasa's arms once again.

A memorial was made for her, with all the users and more attending.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear R

Kanade first appears in Tsubasa's dream once again, this time telling her that she (Kanade) will be reincarnated and she disappears. This causes Tsubasa to wake up, only to see that it's morning.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV

Like Cagliostro and Prelati, Kanade and Serena were revived. In addition, each gained an enhanced and revised version of their original relics.


Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV

Twirling∞Asteroid - Kanade attaches her Gungnir spear to her right arm, before spinning at great speeds creating a large tornado while she cuts and slices away all enemies around her.                                          




Kuru Yari - Gungnir