Juliette De Laurie
Age 16 (GX-AXZ)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Relic Excalibur
Theme Color Gold
Personal Status
Occupation S.O.N.G Member


Juliette De Laurie is a girl who has the power to use Symphogear armor, which uses music to combat enigmatic monsters known as Noise.


Juliette - "Youthful"

De Laurie - "From the place of the laurel leaves"


Juliette is a tall fair skinned girl, with long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. She is often seen in her casual clothing.

Her facial expressions usually transmit calmness and serenity.
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Excalibur's Symphogear design


Juliette is a very strong minded and stubborn person, also very impulsive traits that usually lend her to get into trouble . By being a person with a very strong personality she is often misunderstood as someone mean.


As a kid Juliette was separeted from her older brother after a noise attack that destroyed their small village, after that she was sent to an orphanage in Paris, that orphanage was part of the Receptor Children project.

Being tortured and used for experiments she developed a harsh personality as a defensive behavior, there she received her relic and was trained to be a living weapon, same as the other kids. She ran away after some complications with a subject going berserk killing themselves and also many other subjects and members of the staff.

She went to Japan after the events of GX so she could understand more about the symphogears, there she meet the symphogear team, and after discovering S.O.N.G and the European Division initiative, she offered help as part of the new symphogear team that were to form in Europe.

Attacks and Abilities 

Liriko Esnatzen Excalibur Tron


She has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-Noise armour, the Symphogear, which clads her in battle. As an "Attuned" she can use the Power of Song (歌の力 Uta no Chikara?), to summon her Armed Gear to fight. Juliette is the owner of the relic Excalibur, that went missing from England during the great war. In it's normal state, her Armed Gear is a rapier; Excalibur also displays another armed gear, that is a double-edged swrod; however it is shown to change depending on the attack.


  • Juste Aller - She makes the movement of translation with her skates, creating a tornado, later on putting fire on it.
  • Go Aviaire - This attack is very similar to Tsubasa's one thousand tears, she summons dozens of rapiers that go to any direction she choses.
  • Rosette Nébuleuse - She creates a tornado of fire with her weapon.
  • Lecteur Phoenix - In this attack her body is surrounded by a fire bird which explodes when hit the target.
    • Rose Lecteur Phoenix - A variation of Lecteur Phoenix used in her X-Drive
  • Le Soleil - An attack that she's only able to use after singing her zesshou, it creates an immense sphere of light and fire that resembles the sun, the sphere goes in the direction that her sword is pointing.
    • Le Petit Soleil - An smaller version of le soleil, where the sphere resembles a mere spark and just causes a small explosion.
  • Fierté Sacrée - Her double edged swords turns into a double bladed Naginata.
  • Angle D'or - She makes two golden chains from light.
  • Surchauffer - While not an attack per se, this is a skill unique to Juliette. Juliette can release heat from her gear, with this making her attack deals more damage as well making her gear heavier and her armed gear more easy to handle, however as a consequence of this skill she takes a little damage from the heat that the relic releases.



  • Tsurugi no ō- Ekusukaribā("剣の王-エクスカリバー" King of the swords-Excalibur)
  • In the name of Camelot
  • Last Spartan
  • Army of the dark

  • Meisou Rhapsody (with Karen and Mariana)



  • Juliette is French.
  • Juliette's battle song genre is pop-rock.
  • Some of her songs have punk-rock.
  • Juliette uses French language for attacks.
  • She is a linker user.