Hikawa Sora
"Fear me!”
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light blue
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents and a brother
Occupation Student
Symphogear User

Hikawa Sora is a Symphogear fan character. She is currently not a part of any existing series.


Sora has long red hair pulled in a high ponytail. She also has blue eyes and is of average height. She typically wears a hoodie or jacket over a t shirt with some shorts, knee high socks and sneakers. She is also notably flat chested compared to the other girls.


Sora is friendly but has a bad temper. She gets angry and irritated easily and also says exactly what’s on her mind even if it’s harsh. She is also very sarcastic and makes jokes when she’s in a good mood.

Sora is known to be distrustful of others due to fear of not having many friends. She is also vulnerable to what people think of her.



Sora grew up as a rather lonely child. She would often get into fights with other children at school if they angered her. Because of her frightening temper, she earned the nickname “The Dragon”. She had a rough home life and constantly argued with her younger brother and her mom on many occasions. She could only get along with her dad most of the time. She eventually became interested in singing and used it to deal with emotions and entered Lydian Academy for a fresh start and to change her problems.

Life at the AcademyEdit

Sora’s classmates quickly learned about her dragon-like temper and were instantly afraid of her which made her isolated and lonely.


Hikami Mizu - a childhood friend from when she was 5. They seemed to get along well despite having opposing personalities. Mizu calls Sora “Dragon-chan”.

Powers and Abilities Edit

GRAEL GATE - Tightly holding her sword, Sora slashes the ground in front of her, causing a trail of burning flowers to either erupt from the ground or head right for her opponent. "Greal" is named after the Great Dragon of Earth.

SAIRYSS TANTRUM - Twirling her sword above her head, she generates a large impenetrable tornado of fire. Depending on the amount of anger she's feeling, the flame varies between red or blue. "Sairyss" is named after the Great Dragon of Air.

NAELON DAO - Sora and Mizu stab their weapons into the ground, causing many copies of their Armed Gears to rain down, stabbing and crushing anything and everything in their path. "Naelon" is named after the Great Dragon of Water, and Dāo is the Chinese word for "blade".

FAFNIR'S REVENGE - Sora creates copies of her Armed Gear, which she can command to at will. All copies resemble her sword, but their blades all on fire. She can either launch them as projectiles, use them in actual combat or have them rain down. "Fafnir" is named after the Great Dragon of Fire.


  • Her birthday is January 26th which makes her sign, Aquarius.
  • She is allergic to pineapples.
  • Her favorite food is waffles.
  • Her battle genre is classic rock.
  • She is the only Gear User to have a armed Gear that can change into a different weapon.
  • She has a bad habit of swearing when angry.
  • Sora is right handed but when fighting, she tends to hold weapons left handed meaning she is ambidextrous while handling weapons.


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