Hikami Mizu
"Let’s all just stay calm.”
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color Yellow
Relic Zhán Mí
Theme Color Navy blue
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents
Occupation Student
Symphogear User

Hikami Mizu is a Symphogear fan character. She is currently not a part of any existing series.


Mizu has long dark blue hair which is usually worn down with one braid on the side, yellow eyes and is of average height. She has a larger bust than the other girls as well. She typically wears a blue sweater with a gray skirt, brown shoes and occasionally a black beret hat.

Measurements: B89/W55/H80


Mizu is very calm and collected. She likes to keep things at peace and meditates to keep herself from panicking. Even though she is mostly calm, Mizu is known to be very self conscious about herself and can be easily embarrassed. She especially gets embarrassed when someone like Haruna comments on her bust size.




  • Her birthday is March 21st, making her zodiac sign an Aries.
  • Mizu is meant to be the opposite of Sora in terms of personality and themes.
  • Her armed Gear is a fan.
  • Her battle genre is jazz.
  • Mizu often sews some of her own clothes due to having a hard time finding clothes that can fit her.