Hibiki Tachibana
Hibiki Infobox
"It's fine, totally fine!"
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Orange
Relic Gungnir
Theme Color Orange/Yellow
Personal Status
Relatives Akira Tachibana (father), Unnamed mother, Unnamed Grandmother, Samuel Nakaoka the Second (husband/future husband from the future timeline), Inochi Tachibana (daughter/future daughter from the future timeline)
Occupation Student, Symphogear User
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Aoi Yuki

Hibiki Tachibana (立花 響 Tachibana Hibiki?) is the main protagonist of the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series.

As Seen In... Edit

PR/Sentai seriesEdit


Sun and MoonEdit

Attack from the Steel PlanetEdit

It was revealed that Inochi is the daughter of Samuel Nakaoka and Hibiki Tachibana from the future much to Samuel Nakaoka and Hibiki.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear R Edit

Hibiki helps Tsubasa and the others search for Kanade's reincarnation and whilst searching with Miku, Chris, Shirabe and Kirika at school, meet Tenkawa Kana; a new transfer student.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear M Edit

Attacks Edit

Senki Zessho Symphogear DX Edit

Meteor Light - Hibiki slams her fists into the ground and spins.

Rebirth Day - Hibiki kicks the ground and flips into the air, activating her pile-bunks, and slams against her enemy.

Next Destination - Hibiki summons her lance and fires bolts of light from it.

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