Haruhi is a character from Senki Zesshou Symphogear V Legion.

Haruhi is a very mysterious girl, with no recollection of where she is from or who her family is all she know is that she is chosen to bring and end to everything.......but is she really meant to?



She can't remember anything about her past.

Present/Stealing Trishula

Under the Command of a unknown enemy she steals The Trishula gear from a Symphogear studying facility in India, here her and Michiru first meet.


She could be described as a Yandere and sadistic, strangely enough she hates unfair fights and refuses to use Noise or strike unfairly could some of her old personality still be there?



She is very tall for a female of her age quite similar to an amazoness. She has purple hair that she wears in a ponytail, she has purple eyes. In her first appearance she wears a uniform of an unknown organization, she later wears a school uniform like Michiru.


Her gear takes on an armoured purple demon look. She appears to have THREE armed gears one being a staff, a clawed Glove and her true armed gear a Trident.

Attacks, Ablities and Activation Chat

Frozon Trishula Tron

  • She can Summon Noise and Alca noise with her staff
  • "Frozen spear Slash" with this she claws at her opponent with her clawed glove that turns into a spear.
  • "Hundred Ice sickle" Her main attack with this she fires ice from her Trident down on multiple opponents.
  • like any other gear user she sings while battling.