"GUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .... I don't known what words should I use to describe him that are suitable for children to hear."
---- Serizawa Yami, a tantrum-throwing, egomaniac, sociopathic man-child with God Comple when ask about our subject---
"Ya known, I am literally a blood-sucking monster and I has to agreed that being around him is uncomfortable. If he the last human on Earth and I need to suck his blood to survive. The bad taste it leave in my mouth would kill me before my hunger could."
----- Arukado, a Vampire when ask about Fudo -----
"While my family have a strict rule that state we should treat the family of our spouse like our own. But I doesn't think that piece of trash deserve to be my daughter-in-law grandfather. SO I THINK YAMI SHOULD DO WHATEVER HE WANTED WITH THIS CRIMINALS. And I would rather slept with Marie Ange ... ewww ... than treating him in a respected manner.
---- Yami father who is an ACTUAL god, voiced his opinion on Fudou ---
Fudo Kazanari is the grandfather of Tsbubasa Kazanari. While he has yet to appear in the story, his influerence are widespread like cancer and is the main force that hinder Yami relationship with Tsubasa.

Personality Edit

Imagine a right-wing nut job who constantly want to bring back the "Ze good olde time of Feudal Japan" and secretly want to rule the world. Who treat his family like crap and use them as literal weapon. But didn't actually do anything to help defend his country except barking order at the people who try their very best to do what he suppose to do. With an ego so big that it make Serizawa Yami look tame in comparison. Multiply that by the factor of infinity and we get Fudou Kazanari.

Power And Abilities Edit

He is an old-man that can be easily kill by Yami. But because Yami is Yami he has yet to put Fudo in his place.

History Edit

Fudou while at first interest in Serizawa Yami and want to marry Tsubasa off to him in order to secure more power in his usual power-play antic. He soon realize that Serizawa Yami is a petulant tantrum throwing man-child with a healthy dose of God Complex, and oppose their relationship. But not for Tsubasa, but to save his family honor and avoid shame. However, because Yami and by extend his family literally cannot comprehend the concept of Honor, he decide that Fudou is just an overall terrible person.

So ever since that point, Yami start doing what he doing best by sabotaging every single attempt by the Japanese Self Defense Force to boost their military power and defend the country. Just so he could spite Fudo for the offense he committed against him. Thus from that day onward, Serizawa Yami is the only people capable of causing Fudo to loose his calm and start throwing temper tantrum.