Fragarach (フラガラック?) is the former Relic of Augusta Oto and is currently own by the Black Lodge.


Augusta is given Fragarach when she first receive a note from the Black Lodge. Augusta uses it battle for Black Lodge against the Noises and other Symphogear users. After she teams up with S.O.N.G. She continues to use Fragarach.

Due to Augusta change in resolve, Fragarach began to reject her and causing her physical pain. When invading Black Lodges base, Augusta Fragarach was stolen from her, and returned to the Black Lodge. It is currently still in Black Lodges hands.


In Irish Mythology, Fragarach also known as the "Answerer", is owned by Manannan Lir and Lugh Lamfada.[1] It is said to have power of wind and the power to make people tell the truth.

Transformation Chant





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