XDU Fine
"I've Got This!"
Appears in Senki Zesshou Symphogear MV
Age 32 (claimed)
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color White-blonde
Eye Color Yellow (Prior M; S1)

Violet (M; Revival)

Personal Status
Occupation S.O.N.G Scientist
VA (English) UK
VA (Japanese) Sawashiro Miyuki

Fine was once an enemy of the Symphogear and died many years ago, but thanks to the technology and revival technique of Elfinein, she was brought back to life.

Through the process of revival, all her previous powers were stripped away. Fine is an official S.O.N.G member as a scientist. She takes the place of Genjuro Kazanari as the commander of Special Disaster Response Team Section Two.


Season One

Revival and Redeption

Attacks and Abilities


Despite being a human without any of her previous powers or supernatural abilities anymore, as a reasearcher of relics, Fine has created an alternative. After discovering the small fragment of an unnamed relic in North America, she had taken it and adorned it into a small ring that has the letter "F" in its base where the fragment is placed. 

It grants her the ability to perform a series of various attacks, although weaker than those of a Symphogear User can still kill Noise, but only in small numbers and not large armies. She although rarely wears it, but it she does its placed upon her middle finger.


  • ZAHRI - Similar to her previous attack, Arsgard. But instead of simply herself, she can spread the hexagonal walls into miniature versions which are capable of shielding others around her. In Arabic, it means "pink".
  • AL'ASFAR - Arabic for "yellow". Fine projects a yellow forcefield around herself or others. It is capable of deflecting massive alchemiy blasts. 




  • Prior to M, Fine was known for having sung no sort of song.
    • It changes with her character song, Technical Dififculties.