"You has to be f****** kidding me."
Dino Noise is the type of Noise created by the An'nuaki to fight against the old humanity. They're far more powerful than Noise and just of them require at least three Relic User to take down.

Appearance Edit

Dino Noise varied different between breed and size. The smallest recorded Dino Noise are 5 meters high while the normal Dino Noise are above 20 meter. The first Dino Noise is 60 meter in height and are classified as Kaiju.

Class Edit

  • Raptor Class: 5 meter - 10 meter

Raptor Class Dino Noise are most numerous amongst the population of Dino Noise. They're much stronger and faster than normal Noise. While they can be damaged by military weapon, their strength are more than make up for the minor trade-off.

  • Giant Class: 20 meter - 30 meter

[Data Retracted]

  • Kaiju Class: 40 meter and above

The Kaiju Class Dino Noise are a disaster in it purest form, there are nothing that can describe how much stress they cause to both the military and United Nation when one appear. So far the only thing that can deterred it are multiple Relic User working together, X-Drive Mode. Serizawa Yami and his cohort occasionally thrown something at the Kaiju Class Noise and somehow making it dead. However virtually no Data whatsoever has been gathered to confirm the claim.

Recorded Abilities Edit

  • Elemental Breathing
  • Eye Beam
  • Body Reconfiguration
  • Brood Creation (Only for the larger to medium Dino Noise)
  • Intelligence
  • Each Kaiju-Class Dino Noise also have their own seperate ability.

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