• HorizonStriker

    Hi, HorizonStriker here.

    Since multiple users has been adding their own fanfiction information to the canon characters, which may cause an edit war between users. To avoid that, I'd like to request you to create a seperate page for the canon characters if you are using them in your fanfiction or series. For example, if you are using Hibiki in your fanfic, put your username in brackets after the name like this; Hibiki Tachibana (Your Username). This will make it easier for everyone and to keep the Wiki more organized.

    Note: The current pages of the canon characters will be used for the fanfiction for the user who created the pages. The canon characters without brackets will be renamed with the username of the user who created them on October 1, …

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  • CureLightning

    Hiiiii, I know I’m not really active here and all but I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on the Symphogear manga! I literally finished it within a few hours (mainly because it was short XD) so it’s a pretty quick read if you ever want to read it. Oh here’s a link by the way if you want to read:

    Soooo... I guess I should just put up a spoiler warning if you haven’t read it yet but most of it is pretty similar to the anime’s first season so it’s not that spoilery hehe.

    Anyway, the plot is more or less the same. Some of the things that were different were that we got more Kanade and Tsubasa stuff in the beginning which I really liked since Kanade didn’t get much screentime in that first e…

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  • Blazewind strike

    So with the recent comment thread on certain post, I have come to realize something I hadn't asked before.  What is that you may ask?  Well should are standard be for this wikia.  It's been a while now since this wikia started up and yet we still haven't forged a standard for.  Something I find quite perplexing as I feel a standard would be one the first few things we would establish on a wikia like this.

    Now before anyone freaks out, this is not meant to call out anyone on anything.  That is not the point of this blog at all.  I am also not going to be the one to straight make the standard right now and say "haha, either my way or the highway."

    What I want is for this wikia to be somewhere we can discuss on what are standard should be togeth…

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  • CureHibiki

    Ayaka: yawns Just another day in a new place. Hmm...might as well explore this town~!

    Hibiki: Ugh! Come!!! presses the button on the crane game ten thousands time
    Miku: Calm down, Hibiki! It's just a game. You don't need to get the toy anymore!
    Hibiki: No! I'll get it for you! I promised!
    Chris: Let me show you how it's done!
    Tsubasa: sighs This is going to last a whil-

    Maria: Tsubasa! Hibiki! Chris! It's Genjuro! There's Noise swarming at the pier! Kirika and Shirabe are heading there right now!
    Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris: OK!

    Ayaka: Ahhh! Somebody help! gets covered by the Noise
    Shirabe and Kirika: Ahhhhhhh!
    Kirika: Take this! Kill Juliet!
    Shirabe: Asgard!

    Chris: Hehe~ Watch out, everyone! I'm bringing out the big guns!

    Julius: kneels
    Asura: chuckles


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  • Mew Amelia



    (What should I write?)

    Ah well, I get a badge for this anyway.

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