Augusta Oto
"Let's bring this to a sure fire end!"
Appears in Symphogear Blackened Feathers
Age 17
Birthday November 13
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Height 162cm
Three Sizes B85/W57/H84
Blood Type AB
Nationality Italian Japanese
Hair Color Deep Green
Eye Color Light Green
Relic Fragarach (Former)
Curtana (Current)
Theme Color Maroon (Fragarach)
Copper (Curtana)
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Occupation Black Lodge Member(former)
Symphogear User
Whitewater Academy Student
VA (Japanese) Horikawa Kotoko

Augusta Oto (オトオーガスタ Oto Ōgasuta?) is a girl who has the power to use Symphogear armor, which uses music to combat enigmatic monsters known as Noise and other Symphogears.


Oto (オト?) - Means "Sound".

Augusta (オーガスタ?) - Means "Majestic" as derived from Latin.


Augusta is a somewhat tall girl with deep green hair that is soft to the touch. Two strands of of her hair cover her ears, while a bang covers the top part of her right eye. She also wear's her hair in a ponytail with a ribbon from her parent that falls down to the back of her neck. She is seen most of the time wearing a jet black waist cut leather jacket over a yellow tank top with white strip across the chest. She also wears a orange skirt that flares out in the back, over white legging.

After Augusta moves into the Fahrengart manor with Yuuri and Ellis, Augusta changes her outfit. The outfit is similar to her old outfit, only with a few changes. She now wears a black shirt, with a black blouse with a brown belt. Augusta wears a see through jacket over it, that is designed to a similar to her old jet black leather jacket. When she begins attending Whitewater Academy she wears the schools uniforms but with the sleeves more rolled up her arms.

When she returns in GX from her time in Europe, Augusta wears a green blazer with a maroon collar over a black shirt with a white music note design on it. She now wears a pair of black capri with a maroon belt. Augusta wears deep green loafers with maroon accents with white ankle sock. Her ponytail is now slightly higher on her head.

During the time of AXZ she wears her a wears a S.O.N.G. uniform when she is on missions. While she is not out on missions, she wears a white short sleeves shirt with green feather design all over the shirt. Augusta wears a black skirt with a large brown belt. She now wears her jacket tied around her waist.


She is quick to anger, and to combat, causing many problem for those around her. She likes be also over zealous of her opponent, to the point were she overestimate her own power. Leading to various defeats from opponents that were stronger then her. Augusta idea of justice, feeling it should be dealt to anyone that does wrong. Though she is easily manipulated through this ideal. She later begins believing in protect people home and making sure people need one to comeback to in the end.

While it many not seem like it, she does care for her comrades, it does whatever it takes to protect them in the battlefield. Though she consider herself friend to no one, she does attempt to take care of her allies as if they were her friend. When she joins S.O.N.G. Augusta begins to care for her new found friends there and her new family with Yuuri and Ellis. Though she still acts impulsive and aggressive, she will go out of her way to help her friends. She also has weird sense of making bad jokes at the wrong time.


Born in Italy, as half Japanese/half Italian girl, life for Augusta was always hard in school. Facing criticism for the way she was by all her classmates. Never being able to make any friends of her own, she enough cried herself to sleep, until one day her mom came to her and taught her how to sing. Eventually even learned a song form her mother when ever she felt down.

Then one day, the town she was living in came under attack by the Noise, while trying to escape from the destruction, she saw both her parents killed before her eyes as no one came to save them. Enraged and scared at the same time, Augusta hid away until the Noise disappeared. Once she came out, her entire town was gone, everyone she know gone. She swore that she would avenge her family, and destroy ever Noise she found.

After being picked up by rescue team after the attack, she spent day after day training and getting stronger, still accepting the cruel fate that she will never be able to defeat one. One day, while looking online she came across a Zwei Wing concert online and was amazed by what she heard. Augusta look into Zwei Wing more and more, until see eventually came across of picture of one members clad in some sort of armor she has never seen before, wielding what looked like a giant golden spear fighting the beast that took her life away. She need to know more, and continued to look into it, discovering more and more rumor and information the deeper she searched. But nothing seem to be too substantial. Not giving up, she traveled to Japan to figure out more, but when she arrived she heard the shocking of one of the idols deaths. She was instantly distraught, she looked around the city to find a way to entertain herself, before coming across thug stealing form someone. Irritated at the pathetic display, she took down the thug.

After a week in Japan, she prepared to leave, only to be caught in incident involving the Noise's. Not being able to do anything, Augusta ran away again before she was eventually corner by the Noise's. Fearing her death, she yelled at herself. She then heard a beautiful song, as she was saved by warrior clad in blue. She smiled as she had found what she was looking for. Only for her to vanish in an instant, along with Noise's in front of her. After setting up a home in Japan, she wanted that same power that the heroes she saw destroy the Noise had. She tried everything she could, looked for any information about it. After a while she began to lose hope, and gave up on the matter. Until one day she received a package, a package with no return address. As she opened it up, she discover three important things.

A red jewel on necklaces which shined in light. The second was a note, inside it explained to her that necklace was relic, and that she has great potential. As Augusta continued to read on, she also discovery that her previous home in Europe had been destroyed, and that her new home will be next if she doesn't help them.  With a picture revealing the damage and destruction of it. Enraged, she eventually meet the sender, and under their will she became a Symphogear user. Too both destroy Noise's and to protect her last home. Forever putting her on a path she was uncertain of.

Augusta travels to a location that the letter has left for her. It was a a wore down mansion in the middle of the woods. She then encounter a strange man with white hair, Ōja Senshi. The man welcomed Augusta and expressed great joy in seeing Augusta in front him. Augusta questioned the man and threatened the man. The man simply laughed as more people in suits in black armor with their weapons aimed at Augusta vital organs. Ōja declared Augusta a member of his organization know as the Black Lodge as an important weapon to him in changing the world.

Augusta was then incapacitated soon after the encounter. She later woke up in a deep black cell, Augusta was confused where she was until she remember her previous encounter Ōja Senshi. Augusta yelled out, crying for help. She heard nothing and eventually she fell asleep inside the cell.

Three days later Augusta hears a knocking a door to the cell and voice calling for her. Augusta tried her hardest to get to the door, hobbling around like some kind of bag. The door opened and Augusta was greeted with light and Stephanie Nakajima. Augusta was glad to finally see both, but it was soon turned into dismay as the new girl knocked Augusta to the ground, before insulting her. Augusta was then beaten brutally beaten by Stephanie and was told to never talk about this beating to anyone.

Augusta is then brought too and confronted by Ōja Senshi in the center of his base.  She began to question the man, but only to be meet with guns in her direction.  Ōja explained his organization and it's purpose to the weak girl, only to be meet with look of disgust from Augusta.  Seeing this the man explained Augusta situation to the her and that she had no other choice.  Augusta was put into situation she would never win, with no other choice, she accepts begin Black Lodges newest weapon.

After a few months of harsh training under Black Lodges supervision, Augusta was sent on first mission providing backup for team performing a burglary on museum in Europe. Augusta was locked inside truck on standby, when she heard an alarm go off and a rush of police sirens surround her. She was told that they need Augusta, before the truck made violent turn throwing her around inside of it. Augusta began to hear gunshots as she heard in voice of Senshi coming from the speakers inside the truck telling her that it was finally time for her to be tested, she was then thrown the same red jewel that she received from the letter she got.

Just then she felt the impact of something ramming into the side of the truck knocking it over with Augusta. She heard mans voice screaming in a language she couldn't understand. Augusta heard Senshi once more, telling her to sing, sing if she wants live. Not knowing what to do, and the increasing screaming, she held her Relic tightly and began to sing a song she had never heard before.

A Flash of light enveloped Augusta body, breaking the truck open in the progress. When the light faded Augusta was covered in her armed gear, confused by the her new appearance and what had just happened to her, she heard Senshi voice telling her to fight. At that very moment she felt a barrage of bullets hitting her. She saw the voices that were screaming at her were shooting her. Augusta was scared, but felt a feeling of rage envelop her, and her losing consciousness and as her vision faded to black. When she woke up she was back in her cell, alone without a single voice around her again.

Months later, after more of harsh, grueling training under Black Lodges control she was finally understood what happened to her before. She became fully aware of what happened to her. Augusta finally had the same power as the hero that inspired her from her past. Only now she knew it came with a cost. Having no control of her life, she merely went along with what she was told by her superiors.

After another day of brutal training she was confronted by the man that had her life chained, Ōja Senshi. He gave Augusta her first mission since first discovering her Symphogear in Europe. She was told to go after a group of people that stood in Black Lodge way. Augusta didn't recognize anyone in picture, nor could she refuse at this point.

The day of the mission arrived...






Attacks and Abilities


Unlike most other Symphogear user that have to use LiNKER to gain access to to their Symphogear, Augusta is naturally "Attuned". Being "Attuned" she can use the Power of Song (歌の力 Uta no Chikara?)to call upon her armed gear to fight with. With her Relic "Fragarach" her armed gear takes the form of two ton-fa like blades that can make razor sharp wind appear in front of them with each slash.

Once Augusta loses Fragarach, she is given a new Relic, "Curtana". While using Curtana, Augusta armed gear takes the form of two arm mounted broadswords on forearms. Augusta uses a lot more close quarters combat and landing heavier hits on her opponents.

After the attack of the Alca-Noise during GX, Augusta Curtana was upgrade along with the rest of S.O.N.G. Relics to prevent with a anti-Noise armor. With the upgrade gave Augusta to the Ignite Module allowing her to increase strength when used.


  • Slais aeir — Augusta use the wind around her blade to create a powerful slash that extends to hit any enemy in front of the slash.
  • Gaoth firinneach — Augusta ton-fa blades extend at rapid speed piercing it target in place, before retracting back.  
  • Céad laghduithe — Augusta performs two consecutive slash using her ton-fa creating a cross in the wind.  
  • Whirlwind de lanna -Multiple small blade like objects fly off from armor on Augusta arms, hitting various targets.
  • Stoirm droim ar ais — Wind spins around one of Augusta blade, creating a small drill to attack pierce her enemys.
  • Ardú as cuimse Pierce díreach — Wind gather around Augusta body creating a small shield of wind around her. Then by perform a round house kick, she sends the tornado flying towards any opposing foe.
  • Superb Song — Augusta Superb Song is similar to Kanade's/Tsubasa's Superb Song, but focus more on overall power, more then range. Once Augusta activate her Superb Song, a giant tornado form around her, dragging in everything that it can. The wind that created in the tornado is razor sharp and cuts through mostly anything. Being "Attuned" see does have to face the fear of death with the use of it, but extended use can but her near her death bed, and unconscious for months.

  • Giudizio in aumento  — Augusta performs an Uppercut with right arm mounted blade, a pillar of amber of light emerges from ground Augusta was standing on.
  • Talento di sentenza  — Augusta spins around with both her arms extended, delivering a series consecutive slash from blades on her arms.
  • Avvento di gloria  — Augusta puts her left fist forwards, creating a stream of light that pluses  outwards.
  • Imprigionamento di misericordia  — Augusta summons a third sword that is formed from her shoulder armor.  She then rushes forward as chains from her armor imprison the foe, Augusta then delivering a powerful horizontal slash to her opponent.  The chains disappear after Augusta uses this attack, making a one time only attack. While in the Ignite Mode the sword extends even longer and gains spike along the sides.
  • Trinità di Corte  — An attack that Augusta can only use after she has performed Imprigionamento di misericordia. Augusta takes the third sword strikes it into the ground and puts her hands around the grip in praying motion. Streams of pure white light rush out the third sword as both of Augusta gauntlets fuse together into one blade. Augusta then raises the sword with both hands, then performs three slash with giant blade and it's stream of energy, forming a triangle. 
  • Volo Della Libertà — A attack Augusta can only use in while in X-Drive Mode. The blades on her arms extend and become longer. Augusta flies up into the air with her target before crossing her arms in front of her cutting her target in half.
  • Superb Song  — Augusta Superb Song with Curtana differs from her one with Fragarach. Inside of one blast that deals many hits, it is now a one shot attack that can assure defeat. Augusta begins by takes a deep breath before a pillar of light engulfs her body. She then rushes towards her opponent with blades on her arms extended and touching the ground creating streaks of sparks. When Augusta reaches her opponent she perform two simultaneous slashes from her blades creating a cross in the target. Augusta then disappears behind the enemy as the pillar of light vanishes. Like her original Superb Song with Fragarach, Augusta will not die from using her Superb Song, but prolonged use can leave heavily damage and even nearing death.


Hibiki Tachibana — Although Augusta see's Hibiki as more of nuisance, and her ideology as wrong and flawed. She still finds her courage and strength as something admirable.

Tsubasa Kazanari — She looks up to her as fan, caring more about her performance's and music then Tsubasa herself. Augusta finds herself struggling when ever she fights her, to the point she will hold back in fights involving her.

Chris Yukine — Easily set off and impressed by Chris, Augusta finds herself enjoying ever fight she has with her. With each of them going all out in fights, massive destruction is sure to follow.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve — Augusta both love and despise's Maria. She was awed by her planned and moved by her song when the world was facing it's end. But despise's her resolves, and how she failed to change anything in the end. Granted that does not stop her from listening to her songs.

Kirika Akatsuki — Augusta finds her charming, if not naive. But at the same time she still finds her annoying in some area's, and quick to get into fights with her. Yet, at the same time get's and understands her past.

Shirabe Tsukuyomi — Augusta finds nothing important about her, except that she is Symphogear. Until she finds out about Shirabe and Kirika past, everything about the two becomes clear to her. Later on, once Augusta joins S.O.N.G., she does everything in her power to protect the two, especially Shirabe.

Cloud Fenrir — One of the people who saved Augusta when her village was destroyed. Later, once when she has already joined the organization that holding her captive and being used as a simple tool. She re encounter Cloud, and forgetting his face and name. When Cloud try's to reason with and "help" Augusta, she refuse and attacks Cloud, and claiming his justice is also false.

After Cloud saved her life with a blood transfusion of his own blood, Augusta realized his kind heart and became thankful to him even if she didn't show it. She began to view more as a older brother to her. When she left to spend sometime in Europe she asked him if Cloud wanted to join her. He refused much to Augusta dismay.

Yuuri Nagisa — Originally, Augusta despised Yuuri's personality and her tendency to hide things. This caused Augusta to not enjoy being around Yuuri. This changed however once Augusta learned more about Yuuri and moved into the Fahrengart manor. Augusta now finds Yuuri to be the older sister she never had, that can annoy her from time to time.

Elfnein — When Augusta first encountered the young girl she felt a sense of pity towards her. After she learned more about the girl she wanted to protect her and help Elfnein grow. She was relived when she was able to stay with in this world with Carol sacrifice.

Ellis Fahrengart — While staying with Yuuri at the Fahrengart manor she meet Ellis. From the start Augusta like Ellis much more then her sister Yuuri. Even with the tricks she played on her, Augusta always respected her as a mature figure in her life.


Insert Songs Featured in:

  • Shinjitsu no ken - Fragarach
  • Vento della verità
  • Seigi no Seibā - Curtana
  • Rivoluzione della mia Risoluzione
  • Giudizio Deciso

  • Symphonic Duel Action (With Cloud)
  • Alteration (With Yuuri)

  • Orbital Beat (A solo rendition of the song, singing all of Kanade's verses)
  • FLIGHT FEATHERS (She briefly hums this song from time to time)



  • All of her attack names are Italian.
  • Augusta tends to use various Italian phrase or words in her speech.
  • Her battle song genre is classical rock sometimes mixed with electric techno.
    • She also tends to use Italian in some of her songs.


  • "Consente di portare questo a un fuoco di Sicuro bene."/ "Lets bring this to a Sure Fire End."(Augusta pre-battle catch-phrase)
  • 「私は一人でする必要がある場合、私は、私はちょうど私が家に呼び出すことができる場所にしたい、気にしません!」/ "I don't care if I have to be alone, I, I just want a place I can call home!"(To Hibiki)
  • 「十分な話、私は私が行って、あなたの方法で取得する必要があるものを持っています。」/ "Enough talk, I have something I need to get done, and your in the way."(To Kirika/Shirabe)
  • 「私は私がしなければならない何かを持っているので、それは、あなたを満たすために、このような名誉ですので、私を許して」/ "It's such an honor to meet you, so forgive me, because I have something I must do."(To Tsubasa)
  • 「えっ、あなたが知っている、あなたの良い、本当に良い,、私はすべてのアウト知る権利行けば気を悪くする必要はありません。だからここに私はクリスが来て、これは私の非常に最高です。」/ "Huh, you know, your good, really good, I don't need to feel bad if I go all out right know. So here I come Chris, this is my very best."(To Chris)
  • 「私はあなたが私はあなたの作品の大ファンです、それを信じることができません。」/ "I can't believe it you, I am huge fan of your work.(To Maria, when they first meet)
  • 「私は私が聞いたことは正しかったと思い、みんなと同じように、あなただけの失敗。あなたが弱くなると思います。」/ "I guess what I heard was right, your just failure like everyone else.  To think you would be so weak."(To Maria)
  • 「私は、私は申し訳ありませんので、あなたは私が知っている誰にも見えない、申し訳ありませんわたしはあなたを知っていますか。」/ "I am sorry do I know you, because I am sorry, you don't look like anyone I know."(To Cloud, when they first meet)
  • 「バックオフ、私は地獄はあなたがいない人を教えてくれませんでした。ちょうど私の方法のうち、あなたと愚かな理想主義的​​な正義を取得します!」/ "Back off, didn't I tell you I do not who the hell you are.  Just get you and stupid idealistic justice out of my way!"(To Cloud)
  • 「すべてはしかし、どのようなこれらの人々の家について、人々は、場所は自宅と呼ばれる、あまりにも彼らは安全だと感じることができる場所をカムバックする場所を持っている必要があり、彼らはただ巻き添え被害ものであることです。」/ "Is that all though, what about those peoples homes, what are they just collateral damage, people need to have places to comeback too, places they can feel safe, a place called home."(Augusta resolve after joining S.O.N.G.)
  • 「ステファニー・中島、地獄のレイヴン、どのように私が今までその顔を忘れることができる、私は彼女の顔を許すことはありません、ない彼女が何をしたかのために。」 / "Stephanie Nakajima, the Raven of Hell, how could I ever forget that face, I will never forgive her face, not for what she did."(To S.O.N.G.)
  • 「それは私の友人を助けるためにある場合ハァッハァッ、その後、私は何を突破し、それらを保存するために、任意のリスクを取り、今それはあなたを破っ意味します!」 / "Huh huh, if it is to help my friends then I will break through anything and take any risk to save them and right now that means beating you!"(Augusta before she activates Curtana for the first time)
  • "I need to protect her and if that means to danza con il diavolo then I will take that risk! Ignite Module! Drawn Blade!" (Augusta activating the Ignite Module for the first time)
  • "I have put up with so much I won't let something this stupid beat me, I will bring you down to a absolute sicuro fuoco fine and this won't stop me!" (Augusta overcoming Dáinsleif's curse)